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5 Favorite Maritime Canada lighthouses

Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island by Mike Shubic of

After seeing dozens of Maritime Canada Lighthouses during a three week road trip, these are my five favorites. I spent three weeks road tripping around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI), the three provinces that make up Maritime Canada. During that time I saw dozens of lighthouses....

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Road trip towns to tease the senses this summer

Mingus Mountain road trip near Jerome - Photo by

Summer is the quintessential time of year in which American families pack up the car for the beloved road trip. Folks often head to one of the nation's awe-inspiring parks, frequently overlooking the small towns in between. A few years ago, as part of the Travel Channel show, “Best of...

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A guide to doing a Blues Trail Road Trip

If you're a Blues Music fan, then a Blues Trail road trip is simply a must. Highway 61, also known as the Blues Trail, rivals that of Route 66, if not for its historical importance, certainly for its musical significance. DESOTO COUNTY One of the first stops many Blues fans...

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Prambanan Temple: A Hindu architectural marvel

Prambanan Temple compound is located on the central Indonesian Island of Java. Built in the 9th century, these structures are decorated with intricate reliefs dedicated to the great Hindu divinities of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The main temples of Prambanan are surrounded by hundreds of shrines that showcase the skill...

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Huntsville leaves endearing impression

Huntsville, Alabama may not be the first destination on the top of your mind, or even on your bucket list at all, but after reading this post it will likely move up more than a few notches. We all conjure impressions of various destinations around the world based on the...

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The Perfect Five-Day Northern Arizona Road Trip

A Northern Arizona road trip is filled with wonder and amazement as the landscape dazzles road trippers in a sea of divergent and uncommon beauty, with spine-tingling sights along every stretch, and around every bend in the road. There are many National Parks, monuments and man-made wonders to marvel at...

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