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Lodging Expectations

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Lodging proprietors and Innkeepers, this is the coverage you can expect when Mike’s Road Trip features your establishment.

If you are a Bed and Breakfast or boutique lodging facility with an aire of panache, we want to hear from you.  Mike’s Road Trip offers several media exposure options for little to NO COST (lodging trade depends on value, length of stay and amenities offered).

The minimum stay required is two nights, but three or four is preferred as this will allow adequate time to interview, video and photograph your establishment—as well as your local area for additional story inclusions.


  • Base Coverage (value up to $300) – Mike will write a review/story (with links to your site) that will include a couple photos on, along with a few “mentions” on several social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter as to his current location. The post will be on the home page of Mike’s Road Trip for at least several days, and then be placed under the appropriate “Featured Lodging” section.
  • Two Nights (Value between $450-$700) – In addition to the above mentioned:
    • Mike will create a narrated video (approx. 2min) that will support his story on your establishment.
    • A photo album of pictures will be created for viewers.
    • Road Diary” posts will be created with links to your site giving readers updates on his stay.
    • Additional mentions and links in all applicable local destination coverage produced by Mike’s Road Trip.
    • Additional social media coverage, including uploading video to YouTube.
    • All posts will be optimized for search engine traffic.
  • Three-Four Nights (Value between $800-$1300) – In addition to everything outlined above:
    • Every attempt will be made to help promote your facility, including a Mike’s Road Trip Destination Map mention with link to your website and occasional rotation on the home page of
    • Additional video coverage…up to a 3 minutes in duration.
    • All assets collected, i.e. video, pictures, editorial, etc. can be obtained for your use at no charge.
    • Maximum social media coverage, including uploading video and/or review to more than a dozen video sharing and travel-related websites, including where Mike is a correspondent, Tripadvisor, Yelp and many others (see below for a complete list).
    • Free 30-min marketing/web consultation (Mike is a 17-year marketing professional with over a decade of web development and online marketing experience.  Click here to learn more).
    • All Stories/Posts/Mentions will be optimized for search engine traffic.

You also have an opportunity to be included in my highly “Recommended” list and my annual “Best of” list.  There are a number of lodging categories,  so depending on your strength(s), you have several opportunities to make the list.

About Mike Shubic - Mike is a seasoned marketer and web developer who knows about the new rules of marketing and P/R, which is all about the web, social media and mobile marketing. For the past five years Mike was a freelance web developer and online marketer helping countless clients succeed online.  In early 2010, Mike decided it was time for a change…he sold everything, created and began traveling the country doing travel destination, lodging and travel-related reviews—it’s where Travel Intersects Reality…Experience the Journey.

Click the following link to contact Mike’s Road Trip with any questions.  Thank you for your interest.

Example of Social Exposure:

  • Social Media Sites – This is just a sample list of some Mike’s Road Social profiles:
  • Video Sharing Websites – This is a sample of some of the sites your video will be uploaded to:
  • Self-Promotional Video – If you’re not aware, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the U.S.  If you don’t have videos uploaded there, you’re really missing out on on attracting potential visitors.  I’m available for video filming and production in either 1st or 3rd person narration.  Prices start at just $500.  I can also help you promote the video using my network of social and video-sharing website profiles.  Please inquire for more details.