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Mike’s Road Trip PRESS KIT

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

The road is the page.  The experiences are the ink.  Next chapter begins in 300 miles.

Mike’s Road Trip is a top-rated travel video blog focused on road trips, travel tips, lodging & restaurant reviews. Mike’s Road started in May, 2010 and is published by Mike Shubic, a veteran marketer who has worked the client, agency and media sides of the business.  The site receives over 20,000 visits per month with 50,000+ pages being served.

Mike’s Road Trip Site Traffic:

Website authority

  • Over 3300 pages indexed on Google
  • PageRank – 3
  • Alexa – 183,005 U.S. [12/5/13]
  • Compete – 267,380
  • MozRank – 5.27
  • Domain MozRank  – 4.32
  • Page Authority – 48
  • Klout score – 63
  • Kred score – 733 (global) 983 (travel)

Audience profile

  • Global traffic – USA (79%), Canada, UK, , Australia (16%) (151 countries total have visited)
  • Age & gender – 35-54 (54%), Male (53%), Female (47%)
  • Education – College and graduate-level degrees (67%)

Video Traffic:

750,000+ video views across a dozen travel and video sharing websites.

  • YouTube makes up the majority of the views at 550,000+ — TripFilms, Vimeo, My Pod Studios, Daily Motion and others make up the rest.
  • As of 1/4/13 Mike’s Road Trip now has its own “pod” on My Pod Studios, one of the fastest growing video entertainment sites on the web according to Forbes. Mike’s Road Trip currently has a single pod called, “Irresistible Inns,” but more are in development. My Pod Studios receives over 25 million unique visits per month.
  • Average video view/engagement 2:06 minutes.
  • Produced over 350 videos.

Social Media Network:

Mike’s Road Trip has dozens of social media profiles, from travel and video sharing sites, to micro blog and social bookmarking sites. Click Mike’s Road Trip Social Media Network for a complete list and links to each profile. For Facebook engagement snapshot, click here.

  • Twitter – 8,100+
  • Facebook fans & friends – 3200+
  • Foursquare – 400+
  • Google+ YouTube – 750+
  • Klout score – 63
  • Kred score — 733 (global) 983 (travel)

Features, Appearances & Awards:

Has appeared on dozens of media outlets…from guest appearances, content contributor to media interviews.

  • Travel Channel - “Best of the Road” show, part of team “Road Bros.”
  • PBS -  “Check Please” food critique show.
  • Got Saga – 2010 GotSaga named “Mike’s Road Trip” the best “travel tips” blog.
  • Travel + Escape – Canada’s premier travel source.  Click here for an example of my contributions.
  • TripFilms – 2012 Trippy award winner for best hotel video.
  • USA Today – Featured several times as part of the “Best of the Road.”
  • Halli Casser-Jane - A syndicated online radio show…this episode was on the “best pizza in the country“.
  • MyDestination – Based out of the UK, MyDestination is one of hottest online travel guides. Click here for an example of my contributions.
  • TripFilms – Paid contributor for this travel video website (April 2011 contributor-of-the-month winner. 2012 Trippy winner).
  • ABC 15 – Guest appearance on the ABC NOW! show.
  • Rand McNally – Contributor to the “Best of the Road” site.
  • Sixt (UK travel site) – Mike’s Road Trip (MRT) named a top-10 best road trip blog for 2012.  MRT one of only two sites to receive 5 out of 5 rating.
  • Featured in the spring 2013 issue of “Wild Junket” magazine on page 10.


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