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Milepost Marker Rating System

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I have always found the basic five star (or two thumbs-up) type rating system to be ambiguous and often unreliable.  Take movies for example…critics give a film rave reviews, then when you go to see it, it’s often disappointing. The reason…critics typically look at movies differently than the average moviegoer.  Some moviegoers might be into special effects, while a critic may pay special attention to the acting and/or storyline. The result…a movie rating that may not reflect your interests.

Mike’s Road Trip has developed a creative new approach that will attempt to minimize the ambiguity with the typical lodging, restaurant, attraction and destination review.

Here’s how the new Mike’s Road Trip milepost marker review system works.  Each subject, i.e. lodging, restaurants, etc. will have a series of review categories, each will be rated from 1-50 miles (50 being the best).  Then, the various categories will be averaged out for an overall score up to 50.  The idea is this…the farther I’m willing to drive, the better it must be.

Let’s say you see a milepost marker rating and the overall number is 30 (3 out of 5 stars if you will).  At first blush, you might think that’s just slightly above average, but you might be wrong depending on what’s important to you.  For example, let’s say a bed and breakfast get’s a rating of 30, with the categories of accommodations, cleanliness and value each getting a 50, but amenities and breakfast only get 25 and 30 respectfully (which is what contributed to the overall rating of a 30). You might not care about amenities or even eat breakfast, so you can look at the review and make a more informed decision as to whether this place is for you.

Click on the following links to get a more in-depth description of the rationale that goes into each category making-up the mile marker rating.  The Mike’s Road Trip “Milepost Marker” system provides a more accurate rating representation.