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Armor Lid Follow-up Review

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

If you’re a follower of Mike’s Road Trip, you know that I often feature applicable “road trip” and outdoor related products.  About a year ago I reviewed the Armor Lid Tonneau Cover—since it’s been so essential to my travels, I thought I’d do a follow up.

In addition to keeping my belongings safe, secure and dry along the way, I’ve found the Armor Lid to prove quite useful/helpful in many other ways.  For example, I shoot a lot of video and photographs and because the Armor Lid cover is a hard (non-painted) tonneau, it allows me to stand on top for elevated shots.   Additionally, I often go camping, along with other outdoor activities…when doing so, the tonneau provides a nice clean area to rest camping equipment and other belongings while setting-up camp.  It also provides a good rest while doing some target shooting.  There have also been a number of times when I haven’t felt like setting up a tent, so I’ve just slept atop the Armor Lid.  With a good mattress pad, and a level surface, sleeping on the tonneau cover is quite comfortable.

I conducted a lot of research before eventually deciding upon the Armor Lid.  I was overwhelmed with all the choices…so many variables and brands to choose from.  You can get a soft roll-up cover, a hard tri-fold cover, a soft tri-fold cover, or a hard fiberglass cover to match your truck…the list goes on and on.  After all my research and weighting the pros and cons, I thought the Armor Lid was the perfect tonneau cover for me.  It offers strength, security (especially with a locking tailgate like I have), an interior light so you can get at your stuff in the dark—and, it’s pretty much weatherproof. The other aspect I like a lot is the material…it’s made of nearly indestructible ABS plastic—which allows me to actually use it by getting on top (even with sandy/dirty boots)…something you wouldn’t even think of doing on a painted fiberglass tonneau.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the Armor Lid Tonneau Cover:

  • It’s made out of automotive-grade ABS plastic with UV protective polymers, which prevents the tonneau from warpage and discoloration under direct sunlight.
  • Textured surface that resists scratches.
  • Very easy to install…takes about 30 minutes.  I’ve never taken it off, but all you have to do is remove two clips, and slide it forward slightly to release it from the brackets.
  • Two  metal locks to secure your belongings while providing a weather tight storage area.
  • Best part…the price!  Not only did the Armor Lid meet all my requirements, but the price is below many comparable products.

If you have any questions about the Armor Lid, feel free to drop me a line.  Otherwise, you can visit to learn more.  Click the following link to see my original post and to watch a basic Armor Lid Installation video.

If you have an Armor Lid, please leave a comment below and let my readers and I know what you think.  If you’ve found this post with video helpful, please hit the “like” button below.

Armor Lid Tonneau Cover – Product Review

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

An essential component to the success of my journey depends on being able to keep my belongings safe and secure.  I looked at several options and determined that a Tonneau cover would make the most sense.  I did a ton of research on both hard and soft covers and determined that a hard shell cover was the only way to go.

I then embarked on the somewhat arduous task of researching the various manufacturers.  You cannot believe how many options are out there, and depending on your needs, there is probably one that will meet yours perfectly.

For my needs, I wanted something strong and rugged, and something easy to install and remove.  When I ran across the Armor Lid ABS Tonneau Cover, I was sold.  I really liked that it’s not painted like the fiberglass covers, because I imagine I will be using it to store stuff on top while camping ,as well as sleeping on it every so often when I’m too lazy to set up a tent or unable to find lodging.

Installing the Armor Lid could not have been easier, it really only required a socket and ratchet as far as tools.  The instructions suggested using two people to install, but I was able to do it myself pretty easily.

I filmed some video segments to give you an idea of the install process as well as what it looks like fully assembled.  Armor Lid has dealers across the country, but you can check out their site directly for more info: