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Fenix Flashlights…an excellent choice!

Friday, March 4th, 2011

I am a big time gadget fan and am often an early adopter of technology.  I’m always on the lookout for cool products that will enhance my travel and outdoor needs.   A good flashlight is one of those essential items for any road trip, camping or backpacking excursion.

Over the years I’ve tried many, many different types of flashlights and headlamps…most have fallen short in one way or another.  About a year ago I bought my first Fenix flashlight and have been extremely satisfied.  I have since acquired a few more Fenix light sources, each serving a different purpose.

My video below will give you a brief overview of the four Fenix flashlights I have…you will see a comparison between comparable, albeit inferior flashlights.

MC10 – This probably my favorite Fenix flashlight…it’s absolutely perfect for backpacking—lightweight, versatile and powerful for its size!  This flashlight has a built-in clip; 90 degree flexibility; tail-standing capability and lanyard attachment…which makes it perfect for washing dishes, reading and doing general camp tasks.  There are three lighting levels with two flashing modes.  Oh, and the MC10 is also waterproof to IPX-8, it runs on a single AA battery and has a max 125 lumen output.

TK11 – This is a tactical flashlight, it’s really durable and incredible bright (on the turbo mode)…it has a max output of 285 lumens.  There is a Tactical tailcap switch which allows you to switch on for momentary on/off function. The TK11 runs on two CR123 batteries and is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum.

LD01 – This tiny little light does not lack any power, it runs on a single AAA battery and boasts an amazing 85 lumens.  This flashlight is perfect for the ultra-light backpacker, or for anyone who needs a powerful, but compact flashlight.  It’s worth getting a couple of these…one for your keychain, glove box, overnight bag, etc.  The clip attachment allows you to fix this light to the brim of a hat, giving you the ability to use it as a mini headlamp.

HP10 – With a great balance of spot and spill light, this high-powered headlamp is the perfect choice for mountaineering, climbing, backpacking, search and rescue or when hands-free operation is a must.  This light source uses 4 AA batteries and provides 225 lumens of light.

For complete specs and to see the vast array of Fenix light sources, check out their website.  I have found Amazon to have some really good prices on Fenix products.

If you have a Fenix Flashlight, leave a comment below and let my readers and I know which one, and, what ya think.