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Maui Jim: Best driving sunglasses

As a road trip blogger, I do a lot of driving.  I also spend a good deal of time outdoors, so having a good pair of sunglasses is essential. While sunglasses can be a fashionable accessory, they are also a vital tool in protecting your vision from harmful UV rays—this...

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Maui Jim ‘Kahuna’ sunglasses review

I have been a Maui Jim sunglasses fan ever since my first pair a few years ago. As I was planning a trip to Puerto Rico I thought...perfect time for a new pair of sunglasses.  Maui Jim is well-known for their high quality optics and I really like how the...

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Maui Jim Sunglasses Review

I recently purchased probably the best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever had…the Maui Jim Pono (bronze).  They not only look good, but they fit amazing well (which is hard to do with a nose that has been broken more than once).  I personally prefer glass lens over plastic, I think...

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