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Thursday, February 14th, 2013

I am not a commercial level photographer, I do not have the experience, nor the equipment.  However, for smaller businesses seeking an affordable series of stills or signature shots, my work may in fact suffice your needs. You be the judge by looking at the images below.

To make make things easy, I charge a flat fee for extended limited use of the image(s) purchased, however I do retain all © copyrights. In other words, you may use the images you purchase from me for as long, and in any way you like, i.e. print ads, website, social media, T.V., billboards, etc.


  • Photoshop CS4
  • LightRoom
  • Photomatix Pro


  • General 72dpi jpg image with no post-production work: $100.
  • General 300dpi jpg or tiff image with no post-production work: $175.
  • Signature shot with post production work, supplied in both 72 and 300dpi, jpg and tiff $750-1500.
  • Post-production work is billed at $60 per hour.

Destination Experiential Coverage

Monday, August 8th, 2011

The road is the page. The experiences are the ink. Next chapter begins at your destination.

Do you represent a destination via a chamber or tourism bureau and need some online attention?  Mike’s Road Trip offers editorial and experiential video exposure in exchange for promotional consideration. was named the #1 best “Travel Tips” blog for 2010 by GotSaga, a leading travel website.  In April 2011 Mike’s Road Trip was named “Contributor-of-the-Month” by, a top travel video site. In 2012 Mike was part of the Rand McNally and USA Today’s “Best of the Road” and was also featured in a Travel Channel program with the same name. Additionally, in 2012 Mike’s Road Trip was named the best “Road Trip Travel Blog by the UK’s SixtBlog.  In addition, Mike Shubic of Mike’s Road Trip is a seasoned marketer with over a decade of online marketing and web development experience…in other words, he has the experience to make you shine online.


  • Pre-Planning – Destination representative(s) will work with Mike’s Road Trip to organize a schedule for visiting various locations, attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. to be included in the previously agreed upon coverage.
  • Arrival – Upon the arrival at each location, Mike will visit with the stakeholder to get attraction information, video guidance, etc.
  • During the Visit – Mike will be taking video and photos that best profile the destination/attraction.  He will then write a blog post about his day’s activities (with links to your applicable sites).  Posts will include photos on, along with a few “mentions” on several social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter as to his current location.
  • Next Step – In addition to the above mentioned (2-4 weeks from initial visit):
    • Mike will write a story/review that will be featured on the home page of Mike’s Road Trip for at least a week, and then be placed under the appropriate “Featured Destination” section.
    • Additionally, a narrated video (2-5 minutes, depending on arrangements) will be created to support his story.
    • A photo album of pictures will be created for viewers.
    • Every attempt will be made to promote the destination/attraction, including a Mike’s Road Trip Destination Map mention with link to the website and occasional rotation on the home page of And, when applicable, inclusion in future stories/videos.
    • All assets collected, e.g. video, pictures, editorial, etc. can be obtained for extended usage…additional fees may apply.
    • Maximum social media coverage, including uploading video and story to more than a dozen video sharing and travel-related websites, including Trip Films, Travel Dudes, My Destination, My Pod Studios and others…click here for social media list.
    • Free 30-min marketing/web consultation (Mike is a 17-year marketing professional with over a decade of web development and online marketing experience.  Mike has become an expert at content, social and video marketing, three areas paying big dividends in the travel sector. Click here to learn more).
    • All Stories/Posts/Videos will be optimized for search engine traffic.



    • For Single Attractions, the cost is only *$475 (2 minute video with up to 3 hours of filming).
    • For Destinations, i.e. CVB/Chamber, the cost starts at **$750 (up to three areas/attractions, each additional attractions is $175).  These prices are based on Mike being in your area and do not include travel expenses.
    • Filming rates are $65 per hour.
    • Each minute of editing over 2 minutes is $175 each.
    • All videos come with one royalty free background song, additional songs generally run $50-$125.

    Click the following link to contact Mike’s Road Trip with any questions.  Thank you for your interest.

    About Mike Shubic - In addition to being a leading travel video blogger, Mike is a seasoned marketer and web developer who knows about the new rules of marketing and P/R, which is all about the web, social media and mobile marketing. Prior to Mike’s Road Trip, Mike spent five years as a freelance web developer and online marketer helping countless clients succeed online. In early 2010, Mike decided it was time for a change…he sold everything, created and began traveling the country doing travel destination, lodging and travel-related reviews—it’s where Travel Intersects Reality…Experience the Journey.

      *Full access to your attraction is expected.  There will be up to 3 hours of production time and 3 hours of post production involved in this package.  Additional desired consideration will be billed at $65 per hour. 50% deposit up-front is expected, with the balance due upon completion.
      **Pre-organized access to each attraction is expected.  The base rate of $750 includes up to three local destinations (within a 20 mile radius).  Each location will receive 1 hour of production time with a total of 4 hours of post production work.  Additional locations can be added for $175 each.  Additional desired consideration will be billed at $65 per hour. 50% deposit is due prior to production, with the balance due upon completion.  NOTE: Coverage on Mike’s Road Trip is in exchange for promotional consideration and is in the form of editorial…only errors in production will be corrected, no creative input is allowed.  I do offer Promotional Video services as well, in those cases your 100% desired satisfaction is my goal. Contact me for more information.

Experiential Video Production

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

What is an “experiential” video?  Experiential videos are developed  in an editorial-style format, whereas the footage is of a person or persons experiencing something first hand…whether it’s a restaurant meal, tourist attraction or lodging accommodations.

An experiential video is a powerful marketing tool, and, is becoming quite popular—it puts the viewer in a mindset of actually being at a venue and experiencing it firsthand.  An “experiential video” is much more effective at converting a viewer to customer—more so than a testimonial or promotional video…although those have their place as well.

Video is no longer an option, it’s a necessity!  YouTube has become the 2nd most popular “search engine!”  That’s right…just behind Google is YouTube, where people are searching things like “Best Restaurants in Santa Fe,” “Things to do in Seattle,” or “Bozeman Bed & Breakfast.”

Mike’s Road Trip is a travel adventure website specializing in featuring unique destinations & attractions, B&B’s/Inns, quality restaurants and some travel-related products.  For additional details and example videos on my services, click the applicable topic below: