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Restaurant Experiential Coverage

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

If you own or manage a unique, hip and/or local fine dining restaurant with an aire of panache, we want to hear from you. Mike’s Road Trip offers experiential coverage to help you get noticed.


  • During the visit(s) – Mike will “check-in” using FourSquareFacebook and Twitter with a link back to your restaurant website.
  • After the initial visit, Mike will write a blog post with images and a backlink to your site and post to the “Road Diary” portion of Mike’s Road Trip—as well as several social media sites like FourSquareFacebook and Twitter.
  • During the visit, Mike will be photographing and gathering video B-roll footage of various rooms, angles and prepared dishes. During the dining experience he will work in some on-camera scenes, i.e. intro and conclusion clips, various dishes, enjoyment of the meal , possible interviews, etc.
  • In the coming weeks – Mike will write a full review/story of his experience at your establishment, which will be supported with a few photos and video. The post will be featured on the home page of Mike’s Road Trip for at least a week, and then it can be found under the appropriate “Featured Restaurants” section. (For example, Click here)
  • Once live on Mike’s Road Trip – you can further leverage the experience by utilizing a customized press release that can be provided for you to send to local media outlets.
  • Asset usage - all published assets created and collected, i.e. pictures, video, content, etc. can be obtained and used free of charge(Note: original files and/or manipulation of files can also be obtained for a modest fee).


  • Production of an experiential video of your restaurant (approx. 2-3min). The video will be utilized to support the Mike’s Road Trip story on your establishment, and will be uploaded to over a dozen travel-related and video sharing sites…including where Mike is a paid contributor. YouTube player code can be provided so that the video can be viewed on your own website.
  • A photo album of pictures will be created for viewers. (see example)
  • You’ll receive additional mentions and links in any applicable local destination coverage produced by Mike’s Road Trip.
  • In addition to the video being uploaded to video sharing sites, the entire post will be uploaded to a variety of travel-related and social media sites, i.e. Digg, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, HubPages, and many, many others. Click here to see my social media network.
  • All posts will be optimized for search engine traffic.
  • Free 30-min marketing/web consultation (Mike is a 17-year marketing professional with over a decade of web development and online marketing experience. Click here to learn more).
  • Every attempt will be made to help promote your restaurant, including a Mike’s Road Trip Destination Map mention with link to your website.
  • If you’re eatery really stands out, you could receive additional coverage in some of the annual “Best of” posts.


  • I only feature unique, quality and local restaurants and will do a fair amount of due-diligence before I agree to visit/cover your establishment.
  • If selected, I require a meal for up to four people for the filming footage.
  • $500 payment, which up to 50% can be used in trade depending upon the duration of my time in the area.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks (often sooner) for footage to be posted on Mike’s Road and his social media network.

About Mike Shubic - Mike is a seasoned marketer and web developer who knows about the new rules of marketing and P/R, which is all about the web, social media and mobile marketing. Prior toMike’s Road Trip, Mike spent five years as a freelance web developer and online marketer helping countless clients succeed online. In early 2010, Mike decided it was time for a change…he sold everything, created and began traveling the country doing travel destination, lodging and travel-related reviews—it’s where Travel Intersects Reality…Experience the Journey.

Example of a Restaurant Experiential Video