La Mauricie, then Quebec City

I arrived in La Mauricie National Park yesterday where I camped out.  I’ve only seen a small portion of the park thus far, but what I have seen has been spectacular.  There are lakes, streams and trees everywhere.  The spot I picked to camp has a good deal of space in between sites so there is a fair amount of privacy.  The restrooms are quite nice for a campground…they have granite countertops!  Can you believe that? Both inside, and out…where you wash your dishes. Yesterday afternoon on went on a bit of a hike (more of a walk I guess since it was all paved) to an area in which I saw a steady stream of foot traffic.  Once I arrived I understood why and where everyone was going.  It was an area to lounge and bask in the sun…a very extensive and gradual descending waterfall.  The water is shallow and not much of a rush to it, which allows folks to just lay in it while soaking up the rays and staying cool at the same time.  It was really a neat area.  I walked to the top where it opened up into a lake.

Today I head to Quebec City for the Festival d’été de Québec.  I’ve heard amazing things about the city and the festival, so I can’t wait!

Mike Shubic

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