Photo Gallery

This travel picture gallery is a collection of my best pics for each destination. Each month I will select the top-10 best pics of the month, so check back often. Please enjoy these pictures, but DO NOT use them without express written consent. Each picture has been taken by Mike Shubic and is the copyrighted property of Mike’s Road Trip.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is one of those rare places that exceeds the expectations…it’s a state park located about 80 minutes northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. The 44,000 acre geological wonder is full of awe-inspiring and diverse landscape that provides visitors with an endless array of photo opps.


The views, the food, the people and culture are all part of Maine's appeal. Maine Insiders will tell you that the four seasons and the five senses are the best of friends. You can wake up on the coast, scale a mountain in the afternoon, and end your day reveling in Maine’s eclectic dining scene. From the great outdoors to the great indoors, you’ll find there is an amazing amount of originality to discover in Maine.

Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee is an old mining town nestled in the mountains of southern Arizona. The town is full of charm and intrigue. There are restored neighborhoods of Victorian and European-style homes perched miraculously along the precarious hillsides. Old town is bustling with shopkeepers, art galleries and cafes. There are a host of annual activities worth exploring. The elevation is over 5000’, so the climate is quite temperate.

Quebec City

Québec City is one of North America’s oldest and most splendid settlements. Its picturesque Old Town is a living museum of 17th and 18th century houses, narrow cobblestone streets, and soaring church spires. The architecture in both the new and old parts of Quebec City is quite remarkable. Overlooking the St. Charles River is the enormous and elegant, Château Frontenac towering above Old Town.

Gourmet Food Porn

If you enjoy quality culinary cuisine, you're going to love this photo album. These are just a handful of dishes I tried during 2014...

National World War II Museum

The abundance of exhibits and artifacts at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans is quite impressive; one area that certainly stood out for me was the massive B-17 hanging from the rafters in the aviation exhibit hall.

Blue Lake Ranch Bed and Breakfast

Blue Lake Ranch is large bed and breakfast situated on 230 acres with 16 rooms to choose from. The Ranch is located just west of Durango, Colorado and there are a number of rooms, suites, casitas and cabins to choose from, each offering luxurious accommodations in a relaxing setting.

Luke Brasserie New Orleans

Lüke is an authentic French style brasserie paying homage to the Franco-German brasseries of old New Orleans. Upon entering Lüke’s, the first thing I noticed was the extraordinary hardwood floors with a patina only age could bestow, but what I discovered was the floor of over 1m cuts was only a few years old. This level of detail is highlighted throughout the restaurant and flows right into the amazing epicurean creations coming out of the kitchen.

New Orleans

New Orleans is so much more than just Bourbon Street of the French Quarter, it’s incredibly rich in history, steeped in culture, with a distinct identity that few can claim. The energy is contagious. The hospitality is genuine, and the kindness of its residents is inspirational.

Cafe Monarch

Cafe Monarch creates an intimate dining experience surrounded by a candle lit courtyard and two country inspired dining rooms. The menu features fresh, organic, all-natural seasonal inspired ingredients. Charm, romance and warmth surrounds this true foodie destination located in downtown Scottsdale.

Lake Havasu Balloon Festival

Lake Havasu City is a beautiful setting for a balloon festival. This was the fifth year the festival took place and there were more than 70 participating balloons, many of which flew right over the famed London Bridge.

Lake Charles, Louisiana

The charming Southwestern Louisiana town of Lake Charles has a strong Cajun culture and has a lot to offer its visitors; from performing arts, festivals, lush golf courses, glitzy casinos, historic districts, posh resorts, wildlife excursions to authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine.

L’auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

L'auberge Casino Resort located in Lake Charles, Louisiana is an amazing property with stellar accommodations and a plethora of activities, restaurants and events.

Sampo Icebreaker Cruise (Kemi, Finland)

The Sampo is the only icebreaker in the world dedicated as a tourist attraction. This mighty icebreaker takes passengers around the northern Gulf of Bothnia (part of the Baltic Sea) out of Finnish Lapland. After serving for thirty years in demanding Arctic waters, the vessel has been given a new task—to provide an unforgettable experience for winter enthusiasts!

Pima Air and Space Museum

Situated on 80 acres, the Pima Air Museum has more than 300 aircrafts, half are outdoor, the other half are in 5 massive climate controlled hangers. This air museum is one of the largest in the country and is really worthwhile if you find yourself in Tucson, Arizona.