I wanna ride the i-Road

Have you seen the new Toyota concept vehicle called, “i-Road?”  Wow, do I wanna ride one!  Dear Toyota, let it be known that I’d love to do some blogging about road tripping in an i-Road!

What do you guys think…is this something you could see yourself sporting around in?

Please leave a comment below, I’m interested to hear what you guys think.


  1. It will really be Interesting to see if they can actually do this. There have several attempts at three wheelers. There was one called the Venture one, that then became Persu that I think finally went out of business. It had the same idea of the lean and was based on the Carver design from the Netherlands. Maybe a major company can succeed. There is another start up called Elio in Shreveport. They are saying it will get 84 mpg and have 5 star crash rating. We’ll see.

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