Traveling along the Mississippi

I just spent several days in Galena, IL, which was fantastic! So much history and wonderfully preserved architecture. I am however not enjoying this insane heat wave that has blanketed the Midwest the past few days…and, looks like it will continue for the next week. Temps have been in the mid-90s to 102 yesterday…with, a great deal of humidity. Ugh! You can outrun a storm, but I’ve found it’s tough to outrun a heat wave. Oh, and there appear to be no mountains in the Midwest in which to ascend for a reprieve.  🙂

I’ve been working my way south/south west toward Kansas where I plan to drive the old Santa Fe Trail, then finally end up in a small town outside of Dodge City to spend time with relatives. I drove through Iowa, back through Illinois, then through Missouri the past couple of days.  I’ve been through some neat towns and have seen a lot of cool things—from Old Fort Madison, the historic Mormon settlement town of Nauvoo, to beautiful stretches along the Mississippi.

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