There is no way I can be successful in this venture without your help! If you want to be a part of something special, something unique and fun, then please get in touch with me.  You may be able to use your work for your portfolio.

I need help in the following areas: Writing, social media evangelist, copy editing, video editing, photographic editing, scheduling, negotiating sponsorships, public relations and more. If you have skills in any of these areas and can commit to a few hours per week, I’d really like to talk with you.

I make no promises, but if this thing takes off like I know it can…and you’re good—there is a real chance that you could parlay your volunteering into a paying freelance gig.

Please provide the following information:

Writing (blog and/or social media posts)

Social Media Evangelist (writing, creating, posting, responding to Blog, Facebook and Twitter)

Editing (take blog, script and social media posts and proof for accuracy, make compelling, etc.)

Video Editing (take 10-30 min. of video footage and create cool and compelling 1-5 min. clips)

Public Relations (Write press releases, help set up interviews, get news and blog coverage, etc.)

Photographic editing (take images to create a collage, superimpose sponsor logos, etc.)

Sponsorships (Negotiate sponsorships, hotel and food donations, etc.)

Scheduling (help schedule tours, events, media interviews, hotel stays, travel, etc.)

Project Manager (someone who can manage all of the volunteer resources)