Antebellum to Victorian: Day 4 in Vicksburg

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Today I woke to a sensational sunrise. There was not a cloud in the sky and the climate was perfect for a day of exploring, sunny and in the high 60s. I was invited to have breakfast at the Duff Green Mansion, one of many Antebellum Inns in Vicksburg. When I arrived I ran into three ladies whom I met the day before while visiting the Bazsinsky House. We had all really hit it off and it was lovely to continue our travel conversations where we left off. One of the ladies in particular had a lot of travel experience and it seemed we had been to so many of the same places, several were actually quite random. Travel is such a great connector of people and I find due to my extensive travel that it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation with others who also have the experience.

Sunrise over Vicksburg by

After a lovely and formal breakfast, our host Harley took guests on a tour of the mansion as she talked about the history of the home and its previous inhabitants.  Built in 1856 by a local cotton broker for his bride, the mansion was built for entertaining in the grand antebellum style. Unfortunately, that lifestyle was short lived by the Green family when war reached Vicksburg in 1863 and the home was turned into a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers.

Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg by

Inside Duff Green in Vicksburg by

As I left the the Duff Green I noticed a number of other amazing homes and inns in the area, so with camera in tow I walked around a bit taking photos.

Historic Homes of the South by

The weather was so good that I broke out my new quad-copter and began filming some areas for an upcoming video. I am so excited as I captured some wonderful footage as well as a few images.

Old Courthouse in Vicksburg MS by (aerial shot)

That evening I made my way to the other side of town and had dinner at a local restaurant institution…Beachwood. Family owned and operated for more than sixty years, Beachwood still packs ’em in! Beechwood is not a fancy place by any means, but it is pretty fantastic. As soon as I walked in I saw something out of the ordinary, there was a small area carved out for one cook whose only job was to man the grill. It was a display area of sorts, where patrons could see the action first hand. The rest of the menu items are cooked and prepared in the main kitchen.

Shrimp and fried catfish at Beechwood by

Above is sample of fried shrimp and friend Catfish. Not the healthiest of dishes, but oh was it tasty! Beechwood makes all their own sauces too, each with a unique twist.

Fish at Beechwood Vicksburg by

For my entree I had the Barramundi fish, which is a species I’d never had before. This dish was crab-encrusted and delectable.

It was yet another great day in Vicksburg. Tomorrow is my last full day and I still have a lot to see and do. Click here to read about my day five road trip adventures in Vicksburg.

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