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Travel Apps | Best Road Trip Apps

Today, a Road Trip is all that much more enjoyable due to the advent and popularity of the GPS-enabled smartphone—I would even go so far as to say…I wouldn’t travel without one.

Beyond the obvious GPS mapping capability of your phone, the following list are my top-10 Road Trip Apps that are essential for any iPhone or Android based device. Oh, BTW, this list of Road Trip apps are all free and are in no particular order.

  • WHERE – The WHERE app has become one of my go-to apps for nearly everything, it has a number of “apps” all within the umbrella app.  One of the features I especially appreciate is the gas station prices.  There’s also movies, traffic, hotels, area restaurants and a lot more.
  • The Weather Channel – When you’re on a road trip, you know how essential it is to know what the weather is going to be. With the Weather Channel app, no matter where you are it will display the local weather.  You can also input all of your future destinations…and with the flip of a finger you can easily scroll through all your up-coming locations.
  • Voice Memo – How often do you have a brainstorm while driving?  Or maybe you want to remember a bottle of wine you had at that quaint bistro?  With the Voice Memo app, all ya do is hit a button and record your thoughts.
  • Talk to Me – Boy, I sure wish I had this app the first time I went to Europe.  Just open the Talk to Me app, select the language you wish to communicate in, and speak into the mic—Voila, out comes German, French, Spanish, etc. Note: There are now several apps with the same “Talk to Me” title, click here to be taken to the correct developer site.
  • Trip Journal -Ditch the ancient practice of paper journaling and opt for the Trip Journal app to save space and keep loved ones up-to-date while you’re on the road. The Trip Journal app allows you to document your travel experiences and share them with family and friends. You can track your travel route, save photos of your trip, attach notes and a lot more.
  • Road Trip – Of course, no top-10 list of the best Road Trip apps could be complete without an app bearing the same name.  The Road Trip App allows you to track mileage, fuel prices, graph out trip expenses, and even export the data to CSV if you wish.
  • COMPASS – In order to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B,’ you have to know where you’re going.  The Compass app not only gives you N/S, E/W directions, but also your GPS coordinates.  In addition, you can add the Catch App to Compass, which will allow you to take notes, pictures, etc. and it will match those GPS coordinates so that you can get back there in the future or share with friends.
  • Pandora – Nothing is more frustrating than driving through the middle of no where and the only radio station that comes in clearly is a Country station.  With the Pandora app, you get free internet radio at your finger tips.  Vehicles with newer radios usually have an input so you can plug your phone in and listen to Pandora through your car speakers.
  • Trapster – Nothing can ruin a Road Trip more than getting a ticket.  Today, all too often municipalities are making up their budget woes with a which hunt for speeders, cell phone talkers, texters, not wearing your seat belt, looking in your mirror the wrong way, etc….all in an attempt to generate revenue.  Thanks to the Trapster app you can keep one step ahead of the law.
  • Sit or Squat – Similar to the gas station price apps, the Sit or Squat app is user-driven and offers reviews of great public restrooms…because when you gotta go, ya gotta go! Searchable by zip code, intersection or locations near your phone. The app also notes which locations are currently open or closed (if the store hours are known).
  • So that’s it, Mike’s Road Trip list of the Best Road Trip apps for your iPhone or Google Android smartphone. Stay tuned for my list of the best Travel Apps coming soon.

    Mike Shubic

    Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.


    1. Mike, you might want to tell people that the Talk To Me app is called Talk To Me Classic by Flaviu Negrean when they search for it on their Androids. Several Talk To Me apps came up when I searched and I couldn’t tell which one was the one you mentioned above without scanning the bar code on the website.

    2. Hi Mike,

      Not sure if one is allowed to plug ones own things here. But I have specialist motorcycle trip app called ‘Best Biking Roads’ available for iPhone and Android. If you’d like to test or say something about it, I could offer you a free copy.


      1. Hi David! Yeah, I think that’s very applicable. Right now I’m traveling down hwy 1 and REALLY wish I was doing it on a BMW. 🙂 I’d certainly be willing to check it out, send me an email and/or link. Thx, Mike

    3. Hi, Mike. Nice post. Learned a lot from it. Anyway, can you recommend a specific application for Boston? I’ve just purchased “25 things to do in Boston” since me and my buddies are heading there for a road trip, but I’m still in search for other apps that will make it easier for us to navigate our way there. Looking forward for your feedback.

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