Back to Bloomington

Three years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Bloomington, Indiana for the Rand McNally and USA Today’s Best of the Road rally in which I participated. While it was a whirlwind tour of this small but vibrant Indiana town, I found it quite charming and hospitable. I am heading back to B-Town for a travel conference in August and am looking forward to seeing some sights I may have missed the last go-round. I also can’t wait to eat at some of my favorite Bloomington restaurants, as the culinary scene is quite impressive.

Bloomington Indiana for Best of the Road 2012 Mike

The travel conference I’ll be attending is Travel Media Showcase (TMS), a regional gathering of mainly smaller US destinations. The travel journalists and destination representatives who attend are a tight knit group and we always have a lot of fun.

To get a taste of Bloomington (aka B-Town), check out the following videos. The first one is a promotional video for the conference. The second was filmed while I was in B-Town for the Best of the Road festivities…it will give you a small sample of what we experienced.


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