Best Bottled Iced Tea

Top Four Best Bottled Iced Tea

I love iced tea and over the years have become quite the connoisseur.  I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, but iced tea is something I drink just about every day.  The following list is my top-4 favorite bottled teas, loose leaf or bagged tea would be a different list.

#1) Republic of Tea is the hands down winner as the best bottled ice tea on the market. Their tea is absolute gourmet quality…and, with flavors like Sangria Hibiscus, it’s no wonder.  Each flavor is a wonderfully unique experience…even the bottle is distinguished. Drinking a bottle of Republic of Tea is a bit of an indulgence as you can expect to pay $4-$5 for 16.9oz, but trust me…it’s is more than just good tea, it’s an experience.

#2) Long…well, they’re honestly good.  In my opinion, most drink-makers on the market put WAY too much sweetener in their products, whether it be corn syrup, artificial or real sugar.  Honest Tea has set themselves apart by making their teas “just a tad sweet” with real cane sugar or honey.  Not only is less sweetener healthier for you, but it doesn’t mask the wonderful flavor within the tea. You can expect to pay $1.50 to $2.00 for a 16oz glass bottle.  Note: Honest Tea also produces a line of tea in plastic bottles, which I do not find to be as good…not because of the plastic bottle itself (although that could be a contributing factor), but because they add more sugar and they don’t have the same flavors as in their glass bottle teas.

#3) Tazo Tea is next on the list with a line of teas that are herbal infused.  Tazo is so full of flavor that you’re likely to catch yourself saying “wow” after your first sip.  My absolute favorite Tazo flavor is the Brambleberry…it’s so spectacular it’s like having a symphony of flavors in your mouth.  Here are some of the ingredients in the Tazo Brambleberry so you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about: Water infused with hibiscus, cinnamon, peperment, lemongrass, rose hips, oarnge peel, lemon essence, cane sugar and marion blackberry juice. “Symphony of Flavor” seems like a pretty good description, eh? You can expect to pay $1.75 to $2.25 for a 13.8oz bottle of Tazo.

#4) Tejava is a simple, pure black tea brewed from premium water and handpicked tea leaves from the island of Java. Tejava tea is an unsweetened tea full of bold flavor…it’s 100% all natural with a fair amount of caffeine. Tejava’s unique microbrewing process eliminates any bitterness that you might find with some teas.  Tejava Tea is a simply pure and refreshing black tea. Trader Joes is the best place to buy Tejava, a 1-litre bottle is only $1.09, or you can get a 4-pack of 12oz bottles for $2.99.

So, those are my top 4 favorite bottled iced teas…what say you?  Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have a favorite I should try? And, be sure to vote.

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  1. Inko’s White Peach Tea is not on this list. That’s my fav and my nutritionist told me it was great for me. My second choice is on your list, Honest T Peach oo-la-Long.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Republic of Tea!! I like to get it when at the Bamboo Club. I always keep the great bottles for the aesthetic! 🙂

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