Guide to Luxury Road Trip Vacations

luxury road trip vacations

It is aptly said that the journey is always more mesmerizing than the destination. We all have some luxury road trips on our bucket list inspired from the classics. Vacationing in the old school way becomes hectic sometimes as it involves a lot of waiting and planning. But for a...

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Croatia Road Trip makes for the perfect holiday

croatia road trip guide to Plitvice lakes

A Croatia road trip is one that should be on everyone's bucket list. You will have an experience of a lifetime, no matter which island or national park you visit along this coastal country. Each part of Croatia is filled with fairy tale villages, wild hinterlands and heritage sites. Best...

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Guide to Holiday Road Trips in Greece

Greece road trip to Corfu

As you plan your road trip around Greece, get ready to experience the incredible beauty that nature and history has to offer. Greece is a place with unparalleled beauty and an expansive past that will thrill history buffs. Expect to be embraced by the gorgeous views as you explore Athens...

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Guide to UK Road Trips for Young Couples

UK Road Trip

Life is too short not to go on a road trip! Road trips are a great way to connect you with yourself, and, having a travel partner is the cherry on top. When we talk about mesmerizing journeys, the UK has many breathtaking routes that’ll help young couples explore their...

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Mike Shubic and Mike’s Road Trip Awards

Travel Awards has been consistently published since early 2010. Over the past decade plus, Mike Shubic and his blog, books and videos have received many industry awards. Here is a list of some of the most recent. 2020 Gold for Lines, Signs and Forks - Diary of a Nomadic Road Tripper...

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Cruise America RV Rental Tips [video included]

Cruise America RV Rental Tips

Cruise America RV Rental is very well established, with a history that dates back nearly 50 years. In this post and video I will share a number of tips, tricks and expectations when renting a Cruise America RV. BTW, everything contained within this post is related to their standard size...

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