Boulder City, Nevada

Article in collaboration with: Julia Newmann

Boulder City is a stark contrast to the rest of Nevada.  It is the only major city within Nevada that does not allow for any type of gambling.  Even a raffle requires a special permit by the city.  The town prides itself as being an alternative to Vegas.  With that said, Boulder City may come across as a dull place, however there are still plenty of activities available for those living in or visiting Boulder City. Boulder City is located just 35 miles east of Las Vegas and plays host to some of the following sights:

Hoover Dam
Boulder City was originally developed as a federal reservation for those working on the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.  Once the dam was completed, the town remained and now those living in Boulder City can check out one of the modern man-made marvels of the world.

The Hoover Dam provides electricity to all of Las Vegas and parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona.  In addition, it serves as a dam to prevent flooding and provide irrigation for the region.

Lake Mead
As a result of Hoover Dam, the largest man-made lake in the world was created in Lake Mead.  The lake is 112 miles long with over 550 miles of shoreline.  For those that love water recreation, Lake Mead is the place to go in the Las Vegas area.  Boating is easily the most popular recreational activity at the lake, but you can also fish, swim, sunbath and water ski.  With a few exceptions, you can enjoy activities at Lake Mead year-round.

Nevada State Railroad Museum
If you are a fan of railroads, or have kids or grand children that love trains, then a visit to the Nevada State Railroad Museum is a must.  You can learn about the history of the trains used during the construction of Hoover Dam and even take a ride on some of the classic trains.

Also, for older train enthusiasts there is the engineer-for-an-hour program where you receive instruction on how to operate one of the classic trains and then get a chance to actually run a live locomotive.

Go to Vegas
Just a short drive outside of Boulder City you have Las Vegas.  While Boulder City may have banned gambling, that won’t prevent you from hopping in a car and taking advantage of the dozens of casinos in the Vegas area.

In addition, there are other activities in the town that include the Mob Museum, the Vegas Zoo, the Lied Children’s Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, and several happening clubs around town.

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