Burger Lounge serves up hip experience

I recently had the pleasure of dining at “Burger Lounge” while staying on Coronado Island in San Diego, CaliforniaBurger Lounge puts a whole new spin on the “burger” experience…how you ask?  First, the layout and decor is pleasantly unique, hip and identifiable (kudos to the person who came up with the brand image). Burger Lounge has artfully combined the feel of a nightclub with the ambiance of a chic  burger joint…hence the “lounge” connection.

As you enter Burger Lounge for the first time, you’ll notice how long and narrow the restaurant is—almost like a wide-body airplane, not in a negative way…rather intimate like a “lounge.”  In the center of the restaurant is an aisle (or pathway) that leads to the order counter, where the menu is compendious, offering delicious grass fed beef, turkey, veggie and salmon burgers.  There’s also a couple of salads, and of course fries and shakes on the menu.  And, in true “lounge” fashion, they serve beer and wine.

During our visit, my traveling companion and I split a grass-fed cheeseburger, salmon burger and an order of fries. Everything was fresh and delicious, with an unexpectedly elegant presentation (for a burger joint).  Burgers are served on dishes you’d expect at a fine-dining restaurant.  Half the restaurant seating is located inside, while the other half outside (under cover).

I don’t know what the other Burger Lounge locations are like, but the one on Coronado is small and busy, so bring your patience and get ready to dazzle your taste buds.

Currently there are only a handful of Burger Lounge locations in southern California, however if they play their cards right, I fully expect they’ll be giving In-N-Out and Five Guys a run for their money.

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Those in the know…here is the “clue.”

Mike Shubic

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  1. I went when I was visiting San Diego a few years ago. I had a turkey burger and fries, and my meal was delicious! I’d definitely go back.

  2. Its VERY apparent that you didn’t check out any other burgers joint on your travels to San Diego.

    Unfortunately, because of this, you missed TRULY good burgers that would have left you scratching your head wondering why you wrote such praise for a burger joint that serves over-priced perfectly AVERAGE burgers.

    Burger Lounge’s gimmick is their decor, and NOT their burgers.

    1. Hey Ty, thanks for your comment…I’m a foodie, so I’m pretty confident that most will agree with my assessment. I thought their prices were were reasonable. I noticed you didn’t mention the other “burger joints” that are superior.

  3. I like that I can call in a take out order and by the time I walk the 5 blocks to the Lounge my order will be just about ready.

    I like, no LOVE, their cupcakes.

    …and I like that they are a very small local chain. I wish them well, but I hope that expansion doesn’t ruin the Lounge ‘experience.’

  4. As a native San Diegan, who has eaten her fair share of burgers (many of them quite tasty), I must say I really, really like Burger Lounge. Their buns are freshly made each day, their meat is tasty and juicy, the fries yummy and the salads delicious. I’ve eaten at two locations and the people who work there have been very nice as well. I can’t imagine that most folks wouldn’t find their experience quite enjoyable!

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