More than ‘Canyons’ at Canyonlands

The Moab, Utah area is simply spectacular, with so many recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.  I only spent a few days in the area, but that’s all it took for me to get hooked.  Most of my time was spent at  Canyonlands National Park, which  consists of spires, plateaus and canyons carved out by the Colorado and Green Rivers.  The park offers some extremely challenging four-wheel drive roads as well as great opportunities for hiking, biking, whitewater rafting and many other recreational activities.

My only complaint with the Canyonlands National Park is the ridiculously limited quantity of camp spots…I think there are only 14 sites at the “Island in the Sky” campground, which is the main location.  There is a second campground, but it’s on the other end of the park and not accessible from the main entrance.  There is a state run campground outside of the park, but it too has limited sites and is a ways from the Canyonlands park entrance.  BLM land surrounds the park, but there are “no camping” signs everywhere.  I said, “screw that!” I’m a very responsible camper and found an outstanding place to camp with breathtaking views. Click “Camping at Canyonlands National Park” to see my video.

Some could argue that Canyonlands is more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the more popular, Grand Canyon.   For one, there are a lot fewer people visiting Canyonlands than the Grand Canyon.  Two, there are more trails and accessible places to explore.  The Grand Canyon is very segmented and structured.  Canyonlands is also not nearly as congested as nearby Arches National Park, both are worth a visit, and both are quite different.  A simple distinction between the two parks…Canyonlands is about plateaus, vistas and, well, canyons.  Arches is about beautifully nature-carved monuments.

Click the following link to see more of my pictures of Canyonlands.  If you’ve been to Canyonlands National Park, leave a comment below for my readers and me…tell us what you like best.  Below is some park info you might find helpful.  If you enjoyed this post and video, please “Like” it.

Canyonlands Park Info:

Island In the Sky Visitor Center
Located just inside the park, this visitor center is open 9am to 4:30 pm, with extended hours spring through fall. Exhibits, publications and information are available, and a park orientation video may be viewed.  (435) 259-4712 Ext. 0.

Needles Visitor Center
Located on Route 211 just inside the park, this visitor center is open year-round from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Exhibits, information and publications are available.  (435) 259-4711 Ext. 0.

Individual Entrance to Canyonlands: $5 (Good for 7 Days) This fee applies to motorcycles, bicycles and walk-ins (per person).

Vehicle Entrance to Park: $10 (Good for 7 days)
This fee includes all occupants of a vehicle.

Canyonlands National Park Map

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  1. We visited Canyonlands last spring and were completely blown away – the views are breathtaking! I think a lot of people just visit Arches when they’re in the area because it’s more well-known, but Canyonlands is quite different and well worth a visit.

    And we were actually camping in Moab so I wasn’t too worried about campsites there, but even then I still noticed that there wasn’t a lot of camping options in either park! Bummer.

    1. Hey Christy! Yeah, I agree with ya. And, I think you’re right…most people go to “Arches” as it’s closest to Moab and don’t make the trek to Canyonlands…but is so worth it! Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

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