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Best paddleboard destinations in the U.S.

paddleboard destinations

I am an avid fan of paddle boarding and have been to many places around the country, so I thought I would share a list of my favorite road trip paddleboard destinations from around the United States. From the ever-sunny beaches of San Diego, to the salt grove marshes of...

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Road trip towns to tease the senses this summer

Mingus Mountain road trip near Jerome - Photo by

Summer is the quintessential time of year in which American families pack up the car for the beloved road trip. Folks often head to one of the nation's awe-inspiring parks, frequently overlooking the small towns in between. A few years ago, as part of the Travel Channel show, “Best of...

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Top Las Vegas Road Trips

Vegas Road Trip

Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world and often finds its way into the itinerary of U.S. road trippers who are looking for a a great time. Whether for the thrills of the tables, or the open roads, a Vegas road trip has a lot...

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A guide to doing a Blues Trail Road Trip

Blues Trail road trip to the The Crossroads in Clarksdale, MS - photo by Mike Shubic of

If you're a Blues Music fan, then a Blues Trail road trip is simply a must. Highway 61, also known as the Blues Trail, rivals that of Route 66, if not for its historical importance, certainly for its musical significance. DESOTO COUNTY One of the first stops many Blues fans...

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The perfect Island hopping Greek road trip

If you want to explore the Greek Islands, what better way than by doing a Greek road trip? Each island has its own unique feel and when on the road, you’ll find hidden gems and picturesque views that would be hard to find otherwise. Driving around mainland Greece might be...

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EV Road Trip through Europe [infographic]


A few years ago I was road tripping around Washington state while filming a video for a boutique inn. During my stay I noticed the owner had a Nissan Leaf, an all electric vehicle. I was chatting the gentleman up, asking all kinds of questions about his EV (electric vehicle)...

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The Perfect Five-Day Northern Arizona Road Trip

A Northern Arizona road trip is filled with wonder and amazement as the landscape dazzles road trippers in a sea of divergent and uncommon beauty, with spine-tingling sights along every stretch, and around every bend in the road. There are many National Parks, monuments and man-made wonders to marvel at...

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A winter road trip to Janesville, Wisconsin

With a ho! ho! here, and some snow snow there, I headed to Janesville, Wisconsin for some holiday cheer and Midwestern charm. While summer might be the most popular time of year to take a road trip, winter in the Midwest showcases a snow-filled experience that certainly put me in...

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San Juan Islands road trip

Snugly ensconced between Northwestern Washington and Vancouver Island is a collection of landmasses that yield to the ebb and flow of the Salish Sea. The 172 islands, each with its own distinct appeal, are known collectively as the San Juan Islands. Only four of the islands are serviced by the...

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The Mississippi Delta: Blues Trail road trip

Louisiana may be the birthplace of Jazz, but Mississippi Delta, is where the Blues were born! Music, comfort food and southern hospitality run deep in the Delta. This was my first trip to Mississippi and marked the 48th state I'd visited. My Blues Trail road trip started in Memphis, which...

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Top-25 Arizona Road Trip Destinations

Best Grand Canyon view

Here are 25 Arizona road trip ideas the next time you visit the stunning Southwest. (Updated 6/25/18) An Arizona Road Trip will yield exciting discovers that can only be found in the Southwest. Arizona is a wonderfully diverse state, with an abundance of open space and unforgettable scenery…including one of...

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