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Zookz is Z’elicious: Best sandwiches in Phoenix

Year-after-year Zookz is named one of the best sandwich shops in Phoenix for their uniquely shaped and creative concoctions. Every time I find myself in the Phoenix area, I make an effort to meet a friend or colleague at Zookz to introduce them to this fantastic, locally owned, gourmet sandwich...

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Best breakfast buffet in the world!

fresh fruit juices at Best breakfast buffet in the world Sofitel Manila

Best breakfast buffet in the world is at the Sofitel Resort in Manila, Philippines I have stayed at 100s of hotels around the world, dozens and dozens of them have been top-notch five star properties. While all of the high-end resorts have had lovely breakfasts, one in particular stands out...

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The Mission Restaurant: A Culinary Pilgrimage

Swordfish - Purple & romanesco cauliflower, toasted farro, leek & garlic mote & smoked pasilla sabyon

The Mission Restaurant takes diners on an extraordinary culinary pilgrimage—starting with the main dining area which is decorated in rich earth tones, supple leathers and large candelabras hanging from the exposed duct-work ceiling. A back-lit Himalayan salt wall sets the stage for Peruvian accented Latin fare that introduces the palate...

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Landwer Cafe, a historic Israeli culinary must!

Landwer Cafe and coffee shop with locations throughout Isreal is a national staple well worth experiencing. The local neighborhood vibe of each location doesn't feel like a chain restaurant, while the food and atmosphere will entice you to return time and again. I spent just over two weeks in Israel...

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Prado; Not pretentious, just perfection

Prado Restaurant at the Omni Montelucia Resort is located right in the middle of Phoenix and Scottsdale in the stunning enclave of Paradise Valley. The restaurant supports the Spanish village theme with a wide-open communal atmosphere that houses both the restaurant and the lounge. A cozy space is carved out...

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Take a bite out of these foodie destinations

Dining out has evolved from something to sustain, to an experience. The restaurant food scene has exploded over the past decade, spawning ideas like the once diametric gourmet food truck. Cooking and restaurant shows dominate the cable air waves. And cities are becoming destinations thanks in large part to the...

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The Mansion Restaurant at Rosario Resort

Overlooking the stunning Cascade Bay on Orcas Island, Washington, The Mansion Restaurant at the Rosario Resort & Spa serves up a dining experience equal to that of its extraordinary view. The menu is imaginative, fresh and well executed. As I drove toward the Rosario Resort I was struck by the...

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House Brasserie: A Confetti of Culinary Indulgence

Through my travels I've had an opportunity to stroll through the Paris quarters, where streets are lined with bakeries, bistros and brasseries. The alluring scent of gastronomy wafts through the air on a quest to captivate the esurient passerby. The French dining experience has a romantic legacy and a rich...

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Arizona Restaurant Week just around the corner

Save the Date: Arizona Restaurant Week (May 20-29, 2016) Many cities and states now have organized restaurant weeks, where culinary experiences are celebrated and shared. Arizona kick's off its gastro week May 20th-29th. If you've never participated, the event gives food-lovers an opportunity to visit a wide selection of participating...

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