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“Travel Because…” This is Why I Travel

Santorini Greece

As some of you may know, I am an Allianz Travel ambassador. They are currently running a campaign asking all of the travel ambassadors to share the reasons why they travel. The campaign is called, "Travel Because." I hope you will watch the video below and be inspired to see...

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Havasupai…A Hikers Paradise to Havasu Falls


Here is everything you need to know about visiting Havasupai. Havasupai is a hiker’s paradise.  With an 8-mile trek into the village your sore feet are soothed in the blue-green waters of the natural spring. Occasionally you get the unique opportunity to experience not just the landscape, but cultural immersion!...

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Facing fears by Bungee Jumping

Hands were shaking uncontrollably. My heart was throbbing rapidly.  Safety checks performed. Harness snugged around my body. Even the pep talk by the bungee jumping instructor couldn’t scare away my fears. With both legs bound together, I started walking toward the edge like a penguin. I was at the ledge...

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