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NATJA Gold winner for best travel video

2017 NATJA Award Seal - Gold for best travel video - awarded to Mike Shubic of

Super excited to announce that I was awarded the Gold for best travel video by NATJA (North American Travel Journalist Association) in their 2017 content competition. This is a huge honor as NATJA is a very prestigious travel association, not to mention some stiff competition for the various awards. If...

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Heading to Incredible India

Taj Mahal at sunset by

Excited to announce that in a couple weeks I will be heading to Incredible India! I was one of 60 travel bloggers selected to participate in the 1st ever India tourism sponsored FAM trip entitled #IndiaBlogTrain. There were over 1000 travel bloggers who applied for the trip and I am...

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Speaking at ITB Berlin in March

ITB Berlin Mike Shubic speaker

For the past two years I've been speaking at travel conferences around the world, mainly on the topic of video content. Today, I am excited to announce that I have been selected to speak at ITB Berlin, one of the largest travel conferences in the world. Hope to see you...

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Now an Allianz travel ambassador

Allianz logo

I'm so excited to announce that I am now a travel ambassador for Allianz Travel Insurance. I have been an Allianz customer for many years, it is so great to now be working with them to create inspiring travel content. As a travel ambassador, my job is to showcase the...

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Top Instagram photos of 2017

Best Instagram images for 2017

This past year I have tried to be very active on Instagram and it seems to have paid off. My follower numbers have grown and so to have the number of likes and comments I receive on each photos. The collection below illustrates my most popular images. It is interesting...

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Maritime Canada road trip in early September

It has been many months in the making, but this September I will be doing an epic Maritime Canadian road trip. For nearly three weeks I will be exploring the islands and provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (PEI). I have been to Nova Scotia before,...

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Heading to Cabarrus County, North Carolina in August

I have attended four Travel Media Showcase (TMS) conferences over the years and it's one of my favorites.  TMS is a smaller travel conference, but it is extreamly well run and organized. Many of the destinations and journalist/bloggers attend year-after-year, so it's almost like a family reunion of sorts. This...

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The Most Road Tripped Man in the World

Mike Shubic, publisher of the well established travel blog, is arguably the "Most Road Tripped Man in the World." Mike has been a full time travel video blogger since early 2010 when travel blogging was just beginning to take hold. Over the past several years travel blogging has become...

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Goin’ to Kathmandu! Or, is it Katmandu?

It's been a lot of back and fourth with the Nepal Tourism folks, but it's finally official, I'm heading to Kathmandu! I'm so excited as I've heard wonderful things about Nepal. Ever since it became official, I cannot get the Steve Miller Kathmandu song out of my head. ... I...

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Los Cabos, Mexico in June

In June I will be heading to Los Cabos, Mexico on assignment with Travelocity. I have never been to Los Cabos and am looking forward to exploring the southern tip of the California Baja. The last time I was in Mexico was last fall on the other southern tip of...

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This fall I will be in Ireland

I am so excited to announced that I will be speaking at TBEX once again, this time in Killarney, Ireland. For the past year I have been speaking at all the TBEX conferences on video content. My session at TBEX Killarney will be similar to my previous presentations, however this...

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Heading to Huntsville for TBEX

For those of you who are unaware, TBEX is the largest travel blogger conference in the world. There are three conferences per year, one in North America, Europe and Asia. For the past year I have been speaking at these travel conferences on the subject of travel video content, more...

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NYC for CMM2017 is up next

Next week I am heading to New York City for the annual CMM (Canadian Media Marketplace) conference. This event is where all the tourism leaders from around Canada gather to meet with travel bloggers, influencers and journalists. This will be my fourth time attending the event, but the first in...

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Next road trip is to southern Wisconsin

For the past two months I've been in the sunny and warm climates of southeast Asia and southern Mexico, so the changing autumn season has not graced itself. It's sort of an odd feeling to be somewhere in the world where the seasons do not change. My next road trip...

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