Charlottesville Market

While I was in Charlottesville, Virginia I had an opportunity to get a firsthand tour of the weekly Charlottesville Market (aka C’Ville Market) with one of the local chefs. Each Saturday, April through December, this vibrant community coalesces on downtown Charlottesville.  Farmers and vendors alike bring their fresh produce, herbs, plants, grass fed meats, baked goods and more, for locals and culinary professionals to peruse.

Unlike many farmers’ markets today where venders are allowed to sell just about anything,  the Charlottesville Market upholds strict standards, assuring that all of the products sold are grown, made or produced locally. The market features over 100 vendors and includes a handful of street performers.  The C’Ville Market is located on the corner of Water & South Streets, right next to the Downtown Mall.

With its fertile land, and over 200 restaurants, Charlottesville is at the center of the culinary food scene, with many of the chefs and restaurants receiving national recognition.  One of the contributing factors for the area’s culinary success is the ability to access a huge variety of locally grown and cultivated goods at the Charlottesville market.

Charlottesville chefs have really embraced the farm-to-fork movement, so you’ll often find them shopping at the Saturday morning C’Ville market. Click the following link to find what I think are the five best restaurants in Charlottesville. Or, click the following for a laundry list of great Charlottesville restaurants.


Charlottesville Market Hours:

April – October:  Saturday 7 am – 12 noon
November – December: Saturday  8 am – 1 pm

If you’ve ever been to the Charlottesville Market, please leave a comment below and let me know what you enjoy most.

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  1. I have never been to Charlottesville, but this post has made me want to visit just to see the market alone. It would be great to live in this area just to have the abundance of healthy and tasty ingredients close by.

    1. Hey Elle…thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Charlottesville is an awesome place! Tons of great restaurants. Fresh, locally grown foods. Wonderful lodging and lots of stuff to see and do.

  2. So “C-ville Market” is actually a grocery store on the other side of town, where as “The City Market” or “The Charlottesville City Market” is the big farmers market you’re writing about. Otherwise though, great article!

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