A collision with the land and sea

Road Diary update from PEI (Prince Edward Island).  Click here to read my previous Road Diary update from this Maritime Canada road trip.

On my third day on PEI, Chris (my videographer and sidekick on this road trip) and I hopped in the car and headed to New London, a rural farmland area right in the middle of the province. We arrived at The Table Culinary Studio mid-morning for a cooking experience that really illustrated PEI’s tie to the land and sea. After getting an introduction to the class, we headed to a local beekeeper to learn where and how the main ingredient for the class dishes is harvested. I got to don a beekeepers outfit and learn about the beehive, the harvesting process, etc. It was really a fascinating experience.

With a jar of fresh honey in hand, we headed back to the Culinary Studio to begin cooking what ended up being a sensational meal. Click here to read all about the experience and to watch a video.

After lunch at The Table, Chris and I went off to explore the area a bit. Our first stop was a spot we saw of French River, a row of colorful buildings right on the water that make for a wonderful photos.

French River fishing village in PEI by Mike Shubic of MikesRoadTrip.com

On a road trip I will often drive down obscure roads just to see what is down them. I saw this dirt road that look worth exploring. It was a bit rugged and there seemed to be nothing but farmland on either side. I was just about to try and turn around when I thought I saw water (the ocean). Then, a moment later it looked like a lighthouse. I continued down this road as it sloped toward the sea and came to a rudimentary round-about. It wasn’t the prettiest lighthouse, but I was digging the obscure and remote location of Cape Tryon. There was not a soul in sight, so we got out of the car and explore a bit. There where trails leading down toward the water and the views were simply stunning.  This was one of those “hidden gems” that I love to discover.

Maritime Canada Lighthouses - Cape Tyron Lighthouse by Mike Shubic of MikesRoadTrip.com

Our next stop of the day was to Green Gables, a heritage place that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery to write the novel Anne of Green Gables. While there I couldn’t miss a chance to walk through the Haunted Woods, a scene from the novel.

Anne of Green Gables PEI

Later than afternoon we had plans to go kayaking in Rustico Bay, but the wind was blowing and gusting so much that I didn’t think it would be much fun. After exploring the village a bit, Chris and I noticed something on the beach that interested us. As we got closer we noticed a guy setting up his kite board. At first I thought the guy was nuts because it seemed much to windy, but to our surprise, this guy was an expert and really put on a spectacle of a show.

Later that afternoon we headed back to Charlottetown where we explored Victoria road and found a great place for dinner, then headed back to the Great George Hotel for a relaxing evening.


The next day was spent exploring the vibrant capital city of Charlottetown. It was a picture perfect day, so after getting some breakfast at the Great George, we took advantage of the bikes they have available and headed out to explore the city. We rode down the boardwalk to Victoria Park, where the views of the harbor were fantastic. We ended up riding around in every direction trying to seek out ever nook and cranny we could.

Charlottetown PEI boardwalk

Later that afternoon we headed back to the Great George, where Chris hunkered down in his room to do some work, while I went to freshen up to go to the lobby of the hotel for the social hour. When I arrived I thought I heard the sounds of live entertainment being performed. I found a spot near this dynamic duo named Nathan and Katie. Nathan played the guitar, while Katie strummed a ukulele. Both took turns leading in vocals while also singing harmonies. Most of the songs they performed were covers of iconic tunes like “Don’t worry, be happy,” and a Pink Floyd song, but there were a few tunes I did not recognize, so perhaps they also write their own music. These two were simply amazing. As they took a break I strolled around a bit until being invited to sit down by this friendly couple. I had a lovely chat with the couple for a spell until finally excusing myself to head out in search of something to eat for the evening.

The Great George Hotel sign

Just down the street from the Great George is a slew of restaurants. After getting something to eat I headed back to my accommodations for the evening.  Tomorrow we have some fun things in store, including a food festival in Georgetown and a stroll around the Greenwich PEI National Park. Click here to read about the next Road Diary update from PEI.









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