Currently in Whitefish Montana

I’m currently in Whitefish, MT staying at this fabulous lodge called, “

I just finished an outstanding meal here at their own restaurant. “The Boat Club”  is an upscale restaurant situated on the second floor of the lodge with an expansive outdoor deck that overlooks the lake. For dinner I enjoyed a great summer salad with mixed greens, fresh strawberries, goat cheese and candied pecans.  For dinner, it was seared Ahi accompanied with sticky rice, sauteed vegetables and a whipped wasabi accoutrement of sorts.  It was just outstanding!  I hear they have an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet on Wednesday’s for only $10…wish I was going to be here for that.

While at dinner I met a really interesting young guy (Eric) who is a private pilot for some rich gent…he gets to fly the guy all over the world, then kicks back and enjoys the local accommodations until his boss is ready to take flight once again (great gig, eh?).

Eric was telling me this story of when he was in Africa where his boss was on a hunting expedition when he (the boss) was attacked by an elephant.  It was pretty serious, they had to fly him out of the country for medical treatment and nearly a year later he is still recovering. Anyhow, this is just one of the many interesting stories I hear while on the road.

These next few days will be my last here in Montana as I will be heading west to northern Idaho.  I’ll be staying in Sandpoint for a couple of nights, then it’s off to Banff (or so that is the plan at this particular moment).

That’s it for now…

Mike Shubic

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