Encounter with a Mad Baker – Day two in Vicksburg

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This morning I met Bill for breakfast at a new establishment in town called the Mad Baker. As soon as I walked in I was enthusiastically welcomed by the staff, each warmly greeting me and other patrons. I saw Bill in the back of the restaurant sitting with a gentleman named Daryl, who I learned was one of the owners. During our conversation I had to ask Daryl where the name “Mad Baker” came from? He said it was a running joke with he and his partner and the name just ended up sticking. The bakery is a beautifully bright and warm setting, which is equally matched by the staff and the sweet treats they serve. 

Mad Bakery in Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com

After a quick breakfast, Bill informed me that he had to meet with an Italian travel blogger in town on assignment with Brand USA and asked if I cared to join them.  I agreed and we strolled down the block to a coffee shop where we met Simona Sacri and her physician husband who was tagging along. Simona writes about the U.S. for Italian travelers. We all hit it off immediately, which often happens with fellow travelers. We all enjoy comparing stories of similar places we’ve traveled.

This was Simona’s last day in town and she still needed to visit the National Military Park, so Bill offered to be their tour guide. I gladly joined as I knew I would be learning a lot from Bill. Come find out, Simona was also quite well informed about Civil War history, and the area in general. We were all in awe of the park, from the sheer size to the large quantity of ornate monuments.

National Military Park in Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com

That afternoon Bill and I parted ways with Simona and her husband and we went to lunch at the Main Street Market Café.  The 1840s building has brick floors, local artwork and vintage china lining the shelves. The menu features some great sandwiches as well as Creole specials.

Main Street Market Cafe in Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com

After lunch Bill needed to get back to the office, so I was on my own for the rest of my Vicksburg visit. The weather was a bit overcast, so I decided to regulate myself to some inside exploring. My first stop was to the second floor of the coffee shop where Bill and had I met Simona and her husband, The Attic Gallery. The gallery is owned and curated by Lesley Silver, a long time resident and gallery owner in Vicksburg whose eclectic taste has created a vibrant display featuring an array of different types of artists. Lesley was telling me that she likes to represents artists from all walks of life, whose work resonates not only with her, but her customers as well.

Inside Attic Gallery Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com

Continuing my stroll around downtown I stopped by the Coca-Cola Museum, which is filled with exhibits interpreting the beginnings of Coca-Cola. An entire wall is filled with the different styles of bottles and cans from over the year. Vicksburg was the very first city to have a Coca-Cola bottling plant, thus the tie to the area. The museum is an authentically-resorted candy store which showcases one of those old soda fountains and there is also a lot of Coca-Cola memorabilia around every corner.

Coca-Cola Museum in Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com

That evening I made my way to the other side of town where I had a fantastic meal at ROCA, which is located at the Vicksburg Country Club. From my table I had sweeping views of the golf course while enjoying their Euro-influenced menu accented in Southern flair as delightful live music emanated from the lounge.  The menu consists of seafood, steaks, pasta and pizza. I ordered the following:

Crawfish Cakes at ROCA Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com
Crawfish Cakes accompanied with Green Tomatoes in a remoulade and Black Eye Pea butter. They were delectable.
Blackened Redfish at ROCA Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com
Blackened Redfish in hoppin’ John sauce, green beans with a crawfish remoulade. Yum!
Sweet Potato & White Chocolate Bread Pudding at ROCA Vicksburg by MikesRoadTrip.com
I finished my meal with a sweet potato & white chocolate bread pudding in a Kentucky Bourbon Glaze. I washed it down with a neat Knob Creek. Delish!

Day two just whet my Vicksburg, MS appetite, stay tuned for the road diary update tomorrow.  Click here to read day three of my road trip to Vicksburg.

Mike Shubic

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  1. Glad your experience was better than mine. Twice I have been to this establishment and was in visible both times. Maybe next time I’ll let them know I am a blogger too.

  2. The coffee shop must have been Highway 61 Coffee. It’s a place I always go when I come back to visit Vicksburg (where I grew up). I’m also glad you ate at the Main Street Market Cafe, since I’m old friends with the owners and absolutely love the fruit salad and their quiche.

    There are a ton of other good restaurants in Vicksburg, but if you like beer, you should try Martin’s at Midtown.

    1. Hey Clark…thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I agree, a number of great restaurants in town. I am going to write an article on the ones I recommend in the coming weeks. I missed Martin’s Midtown though, will have to catch that the next time I’m in town. All the best, Mike

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