‘Endurance Bike Race’ goes through AZ

Yesterday I posted a video on a possible bike race…today I got more info and it’s quite interesting.

There is an endurance bike-race in progress called, “Race Across American (RAAM),” it’s a 3000 mile trek that stared in Oceanside, CA (just a couple days ago) and will finish in Annapolis, MD.  I must be on their exact route because I’ve been running into riders for the past two days.  Today I was able to chat with a couple team members to get the scoop.

RAAM has been conducting this endurance race annually since the mid-80s and is by far the toughest bike ride in the world. The ride across American is done in just 12 days with “cuts” along the way (like in golf)…if you don’t make a particular pit-stop by a specific time, you’re done!  These are serious athletes…if you’ve ever been up Hwy 89, you know how hard it is for a car, imagine doing 30 mile hills at an 8-10% grade.  Amazing!

What’s more amazing is that these athletes basically do this race for the fun of it…there is NO prize money and they have to raise their own sponsorship money to pay for the trek, which can cost more than $30,000.   I had a nice chat with Mike of “Mike Across America” (and his significant other I’m assuming), they were gracious enough to fill me in on the particulars of this massive trek.

Hats off to all of the riders and their teams, this is an amazingly tough journey you’re all on.  Good luck and be safe.

Mike Shubic

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