Finn Slough’s Patina Gives it Charm

Finn Slough is an old fishing village situated along the banks of the Fraser River in the southern parts of Richmond, British Columbia.  Despite its blighted appearance; Finn Slough has become a popular tourist destination among artists, photographers, and the curious.

Finn Slough has not aged gracefully, however it’s hundred+ years of decay has added a patina of charm that only time can bestow.

The Village of Finn Slough has approximately thirty residents who live in wooden houses, both floating and built on stilts along the marshy Fraser River bank.  Many of the buildings were built between the late 19th century and 1950s most are quite blighted, while others have been carefully restored. Finn Slough was founded by Finnish settlers who came to Richmond in the 1880s.

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I thought it apropos to create a B&W version of the video above…let me know which you prefer?

Mike Shubic

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  1. I am so jealous of this adventure. Although I do not ware jealousy well, you deserve any and all accolades you get.
    This is something I had wantd to do for years. But now the years have caught up with me as well as non funding for such a VOYAGE. K eep it going upward and onward. GOD speed and the best of all good tidings to you and your family.

  2. I love Finn Slough, and its’ history and beauty. The Finns settled there to be away from the raucous Steveston, where there were many saloons, gambling, a wild wild place. They were fishing families, drawn to the world renowned Fraser River where at the mouth the fish were plentiful and a good living could be had. Original Finnish families have remained, and many artists have joined them in a fantasy surrounding.

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