Great Weekend in Vancouver, B.C.

What a great weekend in Vancouver!  Went to a trendy tourist attraction called, Granville Island where they have a wonderful farmers market, lots of restaurants, great views across the water of North Vancouver, street musicians and a whole lot more.

Then I was off to Chinatown, where I was transported to another country within a country…all the signage is in either Cantonese or Mandarin.  There are many spice, herb and medicine shops selling things where I couldn’t even begin to guess the origin.

Next stop was the

Then we were off to Cleveland Dam Park to do some hiking…there are many trails in which to trek through the rainforest and get different vantage points of the dam, the Capilano River as well as the fish hatchery—where you can see the salmon swimming upstream to hatch their eggs.

Last destination was a tour of Stanley Park, a massive recreation area that rivals Central Park in N.Y.C.   While there I saw my first-ever live cricket match, however I really don’t understand the game.  There are so many events, activities, open-space and sites to see that an excursion to Stanley Park can easily be an all-day event.

I have a lot of pictures and video that I look forward to sharing soon.

A special thanks to my wonderful host and tour guide, Miss Rhonda.

Mike Shubic

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