Green Vegetarian Review – Tempe, AZ

Even non-vegetarians will find a lot to like about Green Vegetarian.  Located on the border of Scottsdale and Tempe, Green is tucked in a rather obscure corner of a strip mall.  I had heard great things about the place and have tried to find it before, but without the exact address it can be a challenge (especially if you’re driving south).

At first glace, Green looks like a very small and unassuming place, but once inside you’ll find an eclectic mix of artwork and decor in an airy, inviting setting.

I was waiting for a friend to arrive and was pleasantly greeted at the front counter and offered something to drink while I waited (no pretense of payment, which was cool).

I had the coconut curry with faux chicken and brown rice (unfortunately there was no coconut to be found), which was quite good even with the missing key ingredient.  The vegetables were cooked to perfection and the medley of spices were outstanding.  Green offers up freshly made lime or lemon aid which is a great addition to mix with their two brewed teas.

Green also has a small market where you can buy tasty stuff to-go, like Honest Tea, which I’m a big fan of.

Chef Damon Brasch describes his cuisine as New American Vegetarian and has a quote on their site with the following words…”…this is where I learned to celebrate food.”  I just love the idea of “celebrating” food.  I really enjoy cool and unique places to eat—if you’re like me, you’ll LOVE Green Vegetarian (even if you’re not a vegetarian).

Post Review Comments: I had tried (numerous times I might add) to obtain some additional information and images to be used for this post, unfortunately Mr. Brasch and/or his store manager couldn’t be bothered to respond to my requests, which I find incredibly odd.  I even posted a comment on their Facebook page, but it was merely deleted.  VERY un-cool if you ask me, and will certainly weigh on my decision to ever visit Green Vegetarian again.  I am however a reasonable person, so if the folks at Green wish to rectify the situation, I’m happy to remove this portion of the post.

Mike Shubic

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