Kuwait: Its history is its beauty – three places not to miss when visiting Kuwait

Kuwait is a place where its history is its beauty. Here are three places not to miss when visiting the middle eastern country of Kuwait.

It hasn’t been that long since travel to the Middle East has been viable. Understandably, the instability and unpredictability of the region in the past has made travelers apprehensive about visiting places like Kuwait. However, it has gotten better, and will continue to improve. Travelers to the region has been on the rise, that is why there has been a recent increase in the number of Kuwait eVisa application being made available. Kuwait has piqued the interests of the world, and tourists are starting to a visit this place once plagued with uncertainty.

kuwait cityscape during sunset

Here are three places you should not miss to see Kuwait in all her glory:

Dhow Harbor, Kuwait

You will see a blast from Kuwait’s industrial past. Drifting on its waters are dhows (sailing vessels). These boats have an important significance to the people of Kuwait because these are the sailboats used by locales to dive for pearls or to trade with foreign merchants. Among these sailboats is the Fateh El-kheir, which means “to fetch good fortune” in their language. It is the largest ship in the sailboat fleet. It’s also the only wooden dhow left that can be boarded today.

Dhow Harbor, Kuwait

The Liberation Tower

The Liberation Tower is the second tallest tower in Kuwait. It also is recognized as the fifth tallest telecommunications tower in the world. More than that, this is the country’s representation of its resurgence and to its freedom. Kuwait was once occupied by Iraqis during the Gulf War. Through the efforts of multiple nations, the country was then liberated, once again enjoying their freedom. This is what the tower represents, and it is because of this that tourists tend to be drawn to the tower. Of course, there are modern amusements about like restaurants and the chance to see Kuwait from a high above. Also, considering it is a telecommunications tower, it also has offices inside the 18-story tower.

Liberation Tower in Kuwait

Failaka Island

This is a place that has two phases of historical importance.

  • At one point, the island was deemed to be the next significant archaeological destination for tourists. It houses several antiquities stretching back to the Bronze Age. This includes settlements by Greeks and Dilmun, and with a strategic natural harbor, it was once thought to become one of the country’s tourist attractions.

Failaka Island Kuwait

Recent history however made it otherwise.

The war that erupted in the island left destruction in its wake. Armies attached their weapons without regard to the historical importance of the antiques. Then, they left it decrepit and barren.

Restorations are being made, but it may be awhile before access to its excavation sites are to be developed. A glorious history and a tragic one, all wrapped up in a historically significant island. That is a good story to tell.

Kuwait has long been closed to the world, but now it is open for the world to see. It may have piqued the interest that urges others to come, but its beauty will make them stay.

With so many staple destinations like Paris, London, and Italy, to name a few, it is nice to take a break from the mainstream. There is so much the world can offer. It is about time that we look at a few.

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