Ever notice, as we get older life goes by faster?

Life will go by fast if you don’t slow down…

I just went for an lovely early morning walk today—as I sauntered along ,taking in the surrounding beauty, I began pondering a few memorable conversations that I’ve had with people relating to life…and time.

I once had a buddy of mine tell me that he makes a concerted effort to take a different route home several days a week.  He said, “by doing so it forces me to be more sentient of my surroundings, and not become complacent or unaware.”  In other words, what he was saying was that by doing repetitive things, our mind goes on cruise control as life passes us by.  This statement by my friend really resonated with me, which is why I try to make an effort to live in the moment and take-in the grandeur of life that surrounds me.

Do you ever notice that as you get older, life seems to go by faster?  When I was a young child my religious Grandmother once warned me that this would happen to me as I got older—and, that the cause for it was Gods’ way of punishing me for my sins.  This did not go over well when my Mother discovered what Grandma had to say.  A few years ago I had this very conversation with a good friend of mine…he was telling me of a theory he had that I found very fascinating.  “The perception of life moving faster as we age, is one of percentages—meaning, as you get older the percentage of your life gets smaller.  In other words, when you’re 3 years old, you double your life in just three years.  In contrast, when you’re 30 years old, 3 years is only 10% of your life…at age 60, 3 years is only 5% of your life.  So, a week may feel like a year to a youngster.  Make sense?  Something to ponder…

On a similar note, I have always thought that Interstate driving is for getting from point A to point B, while highway driving is much more scenic.  I think one of the reasons for this is…speed!  The faster you go, the less you see/experience.   As you travel down an interstate, you pass life going from point A to point B.  A Highway on the other hand gives you an opportunity to drive slower, pull over and take a picture, etc.  You go through small towns and get to actually witness life.  Take it a step further…if you get out of your car and get on a bike, imagine how much more you’ll see as your speed is reduced.

Or, leave the bike behind and go for a lovely morning walk…you may just end up pondering stuff like this—which may lead to a happier life.  🙂

Mike Shubic

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