Lobster breakfast…

I’m still hanging out in the Acadia National Park area, on the “Quiet side,” in Southwest Harbor.  I’m now staying at this stately B&B called, “Kingsleigh Inn.” This morning for breakfast the entreé was simply spectacular—a baked egg dish with fresh lobster (out of the sea just the night before), sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and Fontana cheese. My goodness is was yummy.  I do believe that is the first time I’ve had lobster for breakfast. The use of local ingredients is such a wonderful thing.  In Seattle you’d find Salmon in every dish.  In New Mexico it’s the chili. In Louisiana…the craw-fish.

Do you have a local ingredient in your area that finds its way into the gastronomic meal? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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