Made it to Berlin for ITB

I have been in Berlin, Germany for a few days now and am having a great time attending ITB, one of the largest travel conferences in the world. When I say “large,” it’s actually massive in scale. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disoriented trying to make to from one booth or appointment to the next. There are entire halls dedicated to single destinations who really want to make a splash. The conference spans building after building and by the end of a day, it’s not unusual to have walked upwards of 10 miles (thanks iPhone health app).

India booth at ITB by
I was just in India a week prior to ITB where I met the director of tourism, had an opportunity to see him again a week later in another part of the world.

For the past couple of years I have been speaking at travel conferences around the world, mainly on the subject of video content marketing. ITB has been by far the largest travel conference I’ve attended and spoken. Today was my turn to take the stage and it was to a packed room of maybe 400-500 people, many of whom were standing due to the lack of seats. I later learned it was the most well attended session of the day.

Mike Shubic at ITB Berlin

While in Berlin I’ve been staying at a cool and hip hotel called the Vienna House. Last night I had an opportunity to dine at their Michelin star rooftop restaurant called SkyKitchen, which as the name implies, has stunning views high above Berlin.

Dish at SkyKitchen Berlin by

Tomorrow I head to another part of Berlin for a couple of days before heading off on a road trip of Northern Germany, so please stay tuned. Click here to read my next Road Diary update from Germany.

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