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I flew to New Orleans (aka NOLA) today and rented a car for the start of a road trip around the South. The bulk of my time will be spent in Vicksburg, MS where I’ll be filming a video. Vicksburg is located in the lower region of the Delta, along the famed highway 61, also known as the Blue Trail. Last year about this same time I participated in a press trip to the upper region of Delta Mississippi, where I met Bill Seratt, executive director of the Vicksburg CVB. Bill and I hit it off and he encouraged me to visit Vicksburg the following year. So here I am.

During my stay in Vicksburg, my home base is at the AmeriStar Hotel and Casino. After I got checked in I made my way to downtown where I met Bill for dinner at the Café Anchuca, which is also a historic antebellum mansion/inn (circa 1830). I arrived first and started taking a few photos as I was enamored by the architecture.

Café Anchuca - Photo by

When Bill arrived he greeted me with a big bear hug as long lost friends were reunited. We had a lovely meal and great conversation. Bill is a wealth of knowledge, not just about Vicksburg, but about Civil War history and a host of other topics. I was a sponge, soaking up every fascinating story he told. He explained about the various cultures that once descended on Vicksburg, many of whom came from Europe to help with the various installations in the National Military Park. (Bill’s stories and information will make an appearance in my formal article on Vicksburg in which I’ll link to this post later.)

Catfish at Café Anchuca by

After our lovely dinner at Café Anchuca, we made our way to LD’s Kitchen for some live and local Blues Music. Prior to my trip to Mississippi last year, I wasn’t much of a Blues fan, but after attending the Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival, I had a whole new appreciation for the soulful music. Bill and I grabbed a table right up front and I immediately felt my foot tapping and my head bobbing to the beat. The band was great, up until the keyboard player decided to sing. He was awful! I leaned over to Bill and said something like, “Is it me, or is that guy an awful singer?” Bill relied, “no, he’s pretty bad.” We both chuckled. Shortly thereafter another singer made his way to the stage and he was much better.

Blues Music at LD

LD’s is one of the quintessential hole-in-the-wall dive places where the locals love to hang out. This is the place were the real Blues can be found.

It was a great first night in Vicksburg and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the trip has in store. Click here to read day two of my road trip to Vicksburg.

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