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July 28, 2010
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Everywhere, USA – The economic difficulties have taken their toll on so many; however some take the lemons of life and turn tragedy into opportunity.

Take freelance web developer and online marketer, Mike Shubic, who saw his business dissipate over the past year and ended up losing his home.  Mr. Shubic not only found himself without a place to live, but also decided it was time to make some serious decisions about his life and career.

With a zeal for travel and photography, Mike decided to put his web development and marketing experience to the test by melding his experience with his passions.  He created a website ( that would document his journey, both physically and spiritually.

Mike is traveling around in his Ford truck stopping in interesting places like Whitefish, MT, Jackson Hole, WY and Banff National Park…camping out or staying in bed and breakfast accommodations when he can negotiate free lodging in exchange for a review.

Mike’s Road Trip is a collection of destination, lodging and travel-related product reviews with video and pictures to support the stories.  There is also the “Road Diary” in which you can check-in to see what Mike is up to that day, again, often supported with video and pictures—as his tagline indicates, Mike’s Road Trip is “where travel intersects reality.”

Currently Mike is relying upon donations and some modest advertising revenue to help pay his expenses; however his long-range goal is to syndicate his content as well as lure sponsor support with his unique approach to travel-reality content development.  “There are a ton of people writing and developing content around travel-related topics, but I don’t know too many who are melding travel with reality like I am…my followers not only get a unique look at the destinations I go to, but they get to follow me as a person along this journey of self-discovery and adventure,” says Mike.

With Mike’s online marketing knowledge he’s able to optimize his posts for search engines while utilizing social media to communicate and engage his audience—he also utilizes his Android smart-phone to take pictures and videos to upload for real-time readership.

About Mike Shubic: A long-time resident of Arizona, Mike now travels at will living on the road as a travel writer/blogger, photographer and videographer.  Mike’s marketing background spans more than eighteen years working for: NeoPlanet, a leading; Nautical Enterprises, a large yacht dealer; Cold Stone Creamery, a leading franchise concept; The Arizona Republic/, the state of Arizona’s largest newspaper and website, and for the past four years as a freelance web developer and online marketer with

Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.

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