Peace Arch Park at the WA / Canadian Border

If you’re driving across the Washington State border into British Columbia via the Blaine / Surrey I-5 crossing and you have some time to spare, you might want to consider visiting the Peace Arch International Park.  If you don’t have time to spare, and there’s a long line at the border, at least your passengers can get out and stroll for a bit.

The highlight of the park is the Peace Arch itself—standing 67 feet high, one side is on American soil, the other in Canadian. Straddling the longest undefended boundary in the world, the Peace Arch was dedicated in 1921, and was the first monument built and dedicated to world peace. The park covers forty acres, with beautiful gardens that often host events for family gatherings, picnics, wedding and even civic events. The park plays host to over a half million annual visitors.

Peace Arch Provincial Park is unique in the B.C. system of provincial park, its location straddles the 49th parallel, with its planning and development done in conjunction with Washington State Parks.

Sam Hill, a prominent American businessman, conceived the idea of the Arch.  The Arch was initially fitted with two iron gates, leaving them open to symbolize peace between the two great nations.   Among other things, the park offers broad lawns, public areas, a lily pond, picnic tables and a flower garden (including the shapes of both the U.S. and Canadian flags).

If you’d like to see more pictures of the Peace Arch International Park, click here.

Click the play button on the video above to get an overview of the Peace Arch Park at the U.S. / Canadian Border.

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