Point Loma Seafood – San Diego, CA

I used to live and work in San Diego and used to visit Point Loma Seafood at least once per week.  If you want really fresh and outstanding seafood, this is the place!  I LOVE the fish & chips and this is some of the best I’ve ever had.  The only other place I’ve ever had great fish/chips is in Seattle at the “Spud.” 

They have a great selection of smoked fish, outstanding sushi, etc. You won’t be disappointed in the food.

Things to know before going…the place is always packed!  There is very limited parking, so you may have to walk a bit.  They have an enclosed patio area, but you’ll probably want to eat outside and gander at the fishing boats in the marina.  Note:  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FOOD UNATTENDED to get ketchup or something…the birds will eat it in a blink of an eye…I’ve seen it happen a number of times.

Also, as I was saying, this place is packed all the time…there are no lines, it’s organized chaos…work your way up to the front of the counter (don’t be afraid that you are cutting in front of someone, it’s every person for themselves).   You place your order and will be given a number…once they call is when you pay and pick up your order.



Mike Shubic

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