Raja Ampat in 30 seconds

Raja Ampat is located in a far off land, and if you want to visit, it requires one arduous journey. Not many are willing to make the pilgrimage, which is probably one of the reasons this unspoiled area is still so stunning. When I say “stunning,” that might be an understatement. Raja is a place so unreal that it seems like but a fantasy in ones imagination. Thankfully, for those with the time, money and gumption, Raja Ampat is a fantasy destination within reach (if but a very long one).

Click the following link to read my entire story on Raja Ampat and to watch a longer video. If you’ve ever been to Raja Ampat, please leave a comment below and share your experience. Click here to see more of my photos from this fantasy island chain.

Raja Ampat in 30 seconds - copyright mike-shubic

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