These are some of the most Scenic Roads of Ireland

The scenic roads of Ireland are a road trippers nirvana. The angelic tapestry that forms Ireland’s landscape has taken thousands of years to weft and warp into a masterpiece that only nature could weave. The rural farmlands have sheep wandering aimlessly with cattle making their home in actual old homes. Many of the country roads are quite narrow and reveal hidden treasures, from ruin castles, ancient rock walls, opulent graveyards to stunning sea cliffs.

Slieve League in Donegal, Ireland by Mike Shubic of

The roads often pass through fanciful villages that seem like imaginary places described in children’s books, with brightly colored buildings, thatched roofs and historic monuments. The scenic roads of Ireland have stretches such as the Wild Atlantic Way, which runs down the western coast of the country. The Wild Atlantic Way  gets it name for a reason—there is often wickedly wild weather creating waves and whitewash along the shores, which showcases the spirit of this Emerald Isle.

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Ireland is a place where leprechauns are more than myths, and storytelling is legendary. Here is a series of photos that showcase some of the incredibly scenic roads of Ireland.

This stretch is just north of the Cliffs Moher and is just one of the many scenic roads of Ireland

Road near Cliffs of Moher. Photo by: Mike Shubic of

The landscape in Ireland is surprisingly diverse. This is the Burren in County Clare in the Southwest part of the country.

One of the most scenic roads in Ireland runs through the Burren. Photo by

Sky Road along the Wild Atlantic Way in Clifton is definitely one of my favorite scenic roads in Ireland.

Road along the Wild Atlantic Way. Photo by

Another shot of the Sky Road, not far from the photo above.

Near Portnoo Beach in Donegal, which is in the northwestern part of the country.

Coastal stretch near The Burren.

Scenic roads of Ireland along the coast by

Tower along the western coast of the country.

This road leads to one of the lesser known, but equally impressive sea cliffs known as Slieve League (as pictured above).

One of the scenic roads of Ireland is toward Slieve League. Photo by Mike Shubic of

This is a rural road near Letterfrack, Ireland.

A true fork-in-the-road.

Road running through a farm.

This is just below Healy Pass on the Beara Peninsula in the southern part of the country.

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  1. Beautiful! You’re so lucky to see things from a birds eye view too! I can’t wait to go to Ireland. It does seem like a fairytale land to me.

  2. Beautiful! You’re so lucky to see things from a birds eye view too! I can’t wait to go to Ireland. It does seem like a fairytale land to me. Thanks for sharing information…

  3. Oh! I can’t wait go to Ireland. So lovely moment. It really is a fantastic country. Thanks for sharing information.

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