Sea to Sky is one Scenic Stretch of Highway

The “Sea to Sky” highway (technically highway 99) is one of the most picturesque stretches in North America. Sea to Sky runs from greater Vancouver to the mountains of Whistler, with the Howe Sound on one side and forested mountains on the other.  Thanks to the 2010 Winter Olympics, this stretch of highway 99 was greatly improved to handle the influx of traffic.  The drive is meandering and often mesmerizing with the intoxicating natural beauty that flanks on both sides.

Along the way you’ll see rapid rivers, wind sport enthusiasts and cascading waterfalls.  There are plenty of places to pull off and take-in the surrounding beauty.  There are also a number of great hikes and picnic areas along Sea to Sky, from Shanon Falls, Alice Lake, Brandywine Fall, to “The Chief.”

The Sea to Sky is the gateway to British Columbia’s magnificent alpine country of year-round world class outdoor activities.  If you’ve driven the Sea to Sky highway before, let my readers and me know what you like best by posting a comment below.  If you enjoyed this post and video, please hit the “like” button below to share with friends and family.

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Mike Shubic

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  1. I’ll never forget the time I drove down from Whistler all alone at 4 o’clock in the morning during a blizzard to catch a flight in Vancouver… the plows were heading in the wrong direction that morning! Luckily, it turned to rain in Squamish and I survived to tell the tale!

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