1. The map for Fundy tour is misleading for section Sussex to Moncton . Route 114 leaves Sussex area and travels to shore through Fundy National Park, Alma, Cape Enrage, Hopewell Rocks. Then to Moncton along the Petitcodiac River. It is not a straight line travelling inland. Otherwise I would share this post.

    1. Hi Phyllis…oh no. I’m sorry you did not find it helpful. That was the route I took, but I see your point. I do appreciate you stopping by and reading it. Did you watch the video? All the best, Mike

  2. Mike, I’m a Westgate owner in Gatlinburg, TN and have been reduced to a regular hotel room, not even a coffee pot. I was misled to believe I would be getting an owner’s suite with a kitchenette and the cutlery you mentioned.

    I feel taken advantage of and my week wasted. I’m here contemplating leaving earlier than planned as a result. What a waste!!!! Waiting to see what, if anything, can be done.

    I’m glad your experience was better.

    Unhappy customer,
    Musette Edwards

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