Surfing behind ski boat

This weekend I had a blast at Saguaro Lake in Arizona…I went surfing (also known as wake-surfing) behind a ski boat. Have you ever done this sport? I tried it many years ago when it first came out, but had difficulty standing up. I think the boards have since been improved and I now found it very easy to both get up, and, to grasp the skills required to have a blast!

If you’re not familiar with wake surfing behind a ski boat, here are some essentials:

  • It requires a ski boat with two bladders (ballasts)…one is filled up, generally the port side (left).
  • Everyone in the boat should get in the rear corner with the filled ballast, this will create a bigger wave.
  • A short ski rope…8-10′
  • A specially designed wake surfboard, this will make it super easy to get up and be successful.
  • Optimal speed is 9.8mph
  • The surfer is in the water with rope handle in had with just the heels of his/her feet on the edge of the board. As the boat pulls forward, the board will rise up flat on your feet and you will pivot the nose toward the boat.
  • You will soon find the sweet spot of the wake where the rope is loose. Once comfortable, you can just throw the handle into the back of the boat. As long as you stay in the sweet spot and the boat is moving forward, you can surf all day.

If you’ve ever wake surfed behind a ski boat, please leave a comment with any tips, and/or what you enjoy most.


Mike Shubic

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