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Gateway Canyons Resort…The Entrance to Xanadu

One of the things I strive to do on Mike’s Road Trip is to find those cliché “off-the-beaten-path” places…the ones that give you so much satisfaction in the discovery.  I get great joy in bringing exposure to well-deserving destinations that exceed my expectations and will assuredly interest my readers.  Discovering...

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Gateway Auto Museum, A Distinctive Piece of Americana

There's something particularly apropos about a winding drive down a scenic highway—to a place less traveled, to visit, an Auto Museum. Driving the open road to a far off destination is something truly American. Happening upon an auto museum, while documenting my road trip travels, seems just a bit serendipitous....

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What a Fun Day!

Had a blast today at the Gateway Canyons Resort...first stop was to their Gateway Auto Museum, which was unlike anything I've seen before.  Of course you expect to see some great classic cars, but there were so many...and, they span a 100 year period.  Additionally, the museum is so well...

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