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The Gathering: A kindred social creative conclave

Fire, Food, Music and Comedy at The Gathering in Burlington, Newfoundland The Gathering is a fire, food and music festival located in rural Central Newfoundland where painting-inspired scenes make it difficult for artists to capture as the setting continuously changes—it's an area that must be witnessed first-hand to appreciate the...

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At The Gathering in Burlington, Newfoundland

Actor, comedian and local Burlington, Newfoundland resident Shaun Majumder and friends are in their fifth year putting on The Gathering, a fire, food and music festival in rural central Newfoundland.  Shaun's objective is to help put his hometown and the surrounding area on the tourist map with a festival that...

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Made it to Newfoundland

A few days ago I made it to Gander, Newfoundland. It was a bit of a long journey, I flew from Phoenix to Toronto, then after a layover flew directly into Gander. I didn't arrive until after 2am local time, which was a 5.5 hour time zone change. After a...

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