The Seafood Market Restaurant in Mesa, AZ

The name “Seafood Market Restaurant” conjures in the mind’s eye a place that would specialize in just great seafood.  While this place apparently serves  fresh seafood, it does so with such an air of mediocrity that one cannot help but be disappointed–unless of course you don’t care about appearance, presentation, atmosphere and taste.  

If what you seek is a place that just serves “fresh” seafood, then this place will provide your palette with a level of sustentative adequacy.

I think what the “Seafood Market Restaurant” lacks is a sense of identity…and, a chef rather than a cook.

I don’t want to mislead the readers of this review…the food is not bad; it just did not meet MY expectations (or that of my date).  If a restaurateur is going to serve an expensive product, the presentation needs to match its cost.  The restaurant décor, atmosphere, flatware, dishes, presentation, etc. made me feel like I was in a small town restaurant that did not have to compete with anyone.

Example of the poor presentation

I would be fascinated to learn the background of the owner of this place…what motivated them to open, what or who inspired the concept, etc.  The general location is in a pretty nice area, so I wonder who they might be catering too that enjoys the place well enough to afford its existence.   Like so many amazing places in the valley,     this is NOT a place you would go out of your way for

The Seafood Market Restaurant website

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